For me it's World at War

What COD campaign would you play right now

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I recently replayed WaW-BO2 and it was a great time.

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My fiancée found out that one of her family members was in the first infantry division in ww2 and despite never ever having given a single shit about anything even remotely close to World War Two, she became very interested in D-Day and autistically read stories about it.
So I dug out my GameCube and played through Big Red One while she watched. It was a pretty fun time.

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Cold War was pretty decent one. A nice little forshadowing to COD4, with Zakhaev his early days. W@W, to Blops 1, to Cold War, to Cod4 'All Ghillied Up' is a nice timeline.

It's the best CoD game for the aesthetic and story but holy fucking shit the missions where you play as Americans are unfiltered filth. I wish the Japanese won the Pacific War so that I could play as them instead.

Is WaW veteran really a nightmare? It really makes me want to try.

Black Ops 3

That one

>any CoD campaign
>just shoot guys that stand still and advance to the invisible spot that makes enemies stop spawning

ITT: Zoom zoom

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when they insist on adding in-game stores to every new cod, the mp should be f2p
and then they could charge $30-40 for the campaign

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The main challenge comes from the ridiculous amount of grenade spam that forces you to constantly run around. Resulting in situations where you either stay in coverage and die to 10 grenades that all landed directly on top of you or leave cover and get gunned down instantly by the AI

Other times the grenades will land in a circle around you so whichever way you run you will die

Cod 4

cod 3 because i hate myself

Black Ops 1 was absolute kino.

None. CoD is for underage newmen(I refuse to use f$g despite being here since 1015 cause homophobia is not cool)

CoD1 is worse with its roll the dice turret sections that will just kill you over and over again until RNG says you can progress

>I refuse to use f$g despite being here since 1015 cause homophobia is not cool

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Nice..... selfie haaaaaaaaaa!