Try all day to install Linux on my gaming PC

>Try all day to install Linux on my gaming PC
>Still at a full screen command prompt
Should I just give up and go back to Windows?

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>gaming PC
7/10 made me chuckle.

just read the install docs lmao

Ryzen 3600
GTX 1080
32GB of DDR4 RAM (forgot how fast)
It's a gaming rig.

I've been doing that all day.

I pray this thread lasts so I can have a good laugh tomorrow morning, please be real.

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Should of used an installer for Arch.

>I bought a GAMING rig which means I'm so smart and heckin' quirky, I'm a heckin GAMER! But I wanna be even more smart and quirky, so lemme install a linux distro and fuck it up!
Maybe you should go back to consoles, those are made for brainlets like (You), faggot OP.


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why did you choose gentoo over any other distro?

I have an Nvidia GPU is it even worth it to try Linux? I hear it doesn't like nvidia cards too much


seems like it's taking quite a while to install


Linux is comfy, but I agree that it takes more than 5 braincels to use it so I can understand why Windows users hate it.

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I don't use unstable. I only use stable.

You will have more work to do than using an AMD GPU. Some distros will include the Nvidia proprietary drivers by default but many will make you go out of your way to install them. This isn't that difficult for a new user, but it's not like Windows. Also, the open source drivers aren't all that great compared to the proprietary drivers released by Nvidia. Don't expect anything near the usability or robustness of Nvidia Control Panel. I recommend installing to a physically separate drive and living in it for a while. Many distros have different ways of doing things, but the ArchWiki is helpful in most cases. There's usually a general on Any Forums for linux users to ask questions but expect assholes. Research is your friend, and enjoy the journey. Believe me, it's rewarding.

Installing Nvidia Drivers are easy on Linux. Most of the time you just have to enable multilib repositiories and its already in there. You can also just install the binary off Nvidia's website. Its like 3 steps total.

>Should I just give up and go back to Windows?
Yes. Fuck off, faggot. We're full

If you installed Ubuntu you would have been done in less than 10 minutes.

Also, I don't know the state of RTX in linux. Be aware that it's probably still not supported at all, so if you're using an RTX card an want ray tracing you may be out of luck.

>Classic linux user so retarded she things it is MORE intelligent to use a shit OS

No, sweaty. It isn't big brain of you to use the garbage dump that is Linux. You would get more respect if you said you didn't shower for a week.

>Should I use a better OS because this one is for asperger diabetic autisitc children

Yes. Windows is better. It even lets people like you use it with no effort because it is that much better.

Is there any reason why they won't just let you double click shit to install it? Is there any functional fucking reason why everything requires inputting shit into a command line?

If you installed Ubuntu you would be using drivers years out of date. Also bloat. Gentoo is based. Still, no point gaming on Linoox. Better to use it for development.

>gaming on linux

I installed Linux on my thinkpad to use as my sperg/shitposting machine. Great for privacy and running things how I want. I would never, and I mean fucking never, run vidya on a Linux machine. Just get a gayman machine and don't do anything else but vidya on it you sperg.

CLI is a big benefit of Linux. There are graphic installations for different Linux Linux distributions. You didn't use those and now you are kvetching. You should've looked into it more.

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Linux is for people like who sit around and huff their own farts all day for how heckin intelligent they are for running some boot media and ricing out a desktop which does nearly everything Windows does but worse.
Linux is for servers and software development. Any other use case is like pulling teeth, and is only for FOSS people or pseuds with 20lb thinkpads.

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> she things
Windows users really mix words up lol
On debian you can double click and install .deb files. Most people prefer the repositories because its better software management, as in you can just type "sudo install software" and it does it.

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Hoes mad

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Gaming on debian is retarded.

Hoes do be stayin' mad, yo.

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As a Linux user, I kek'd

Linux userbase is like the undertale of OS userbases.

Drivers are years out of date. What were you thinking, dude? If you are using testing or unstable you might as well use a different distribution.