Game has a

>Game has a

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yoshi kisse...

No it doesn't

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Are yoshis in heaven

Koopa Troopas are hotter

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Imagine being yoshi
That shit would suck lmao

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post yoshi feets

Oh boy, I sure do hope this innocent video game character thread doesn't go anywhere questionable

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What even is this fetish? These characters have almost nothing in common, but someone into one is normally still into all of them. I can't tell why.

love this artist, hope they are okay, they disappeared a while back

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They are all males, he is a homosexual

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Yoshis are cool because they're all male and they reproduce with their digestive tracts, that's neat. Birdos too. It's so cool that gay dinosaurs are canon to the Mario universe.

Yes, but it's got to be something more specific than that. He isn't just a gay furry because there are tons of male furry characters that don't fit in.

>find yoshi's design quite nice
>like 75% of art is vore
>filters and blacklist constantly miss shit
>eventually give up and move on to something less frustrating to enjoy

Game has a what? Don't leave me in suspense like that, OP.

>Trying to find any logic in his shit taste

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Maybe stop being a shit taste faggot and start fapping to vore?

Male furry shortstack/cutesexual

>game has b

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Really wish this guy would make more yoshi content it’s so good

>game has c

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