Are steam friend threads acceptable here? haven't seen one in a long time

are steam friend threads acceptable here? haven't seen one in a long time

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You haven't seen any because they aren't acceptable.


>adding chantards unironically

sippy bippy
add me up losers

I only add people from /trash/ to ERP with

What's the mentality behind adding completely random people who only have a single very, very broad thing in common (they frequent a messageboard about videogames)?

What happened to making friends through games and shit like that?

don't add Any Forums.

Dumb esl poster

I added a chantard 10 years ago and we moved in together and now I fug him w/e n that lol

goodluck making friends in competitive online games


And good luck making genuine friends via randomly accepting mass invites from people you don't know on Any Forums.

I made a few friends off Any Forums but that was years ago
I unironically wouldn't want to be friends with anybody still posting here

what's the friendship dynamic between Any Forums posters irl like?

so you can talk to mentally ill desperate retards who either constantly verbally assault you or ghost you a day after talking to you because they had a dream that you murdered them

I never met any Any Forums friends IRL. Online one of them was a random foreigner and we didn't interact at all outside of randomly playing games together whenever one of us needed another gun, best relationship possible. The other was a chronic manipulator who talked at length about made up shit and served only to waste my time

I only play sven-coop and left 4 dead 2

I met my best friend in the world who I now live with through someone I met on Any Forums. This was over a decade, though. My feeling is that most people on here anymore are cynical, bitter, overly negative, or even worse - a zoomer.

Is there an official Any Forums discord?

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Hacking the account of every retard who posts it ITT.

I wouldn't trust a single person added from this place.

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>What happened to making friends through games and shit like that?
That era is over.
I feel kinda bad for zoomers.

Don't do it anons, don't add randoms. I did this awhile ago, I added like twenty anons, still friends with two of them to be fair, but the majority of them were absolutely awful.

From harassing me to ERP with them to legitimately asking me to get in discord to talk with them, absolutely do not add people from Any Forums. The two dudes i'm still friends with were absolute outliers and I would not recommend trying to play those odds.

What's sex with your best bro like??

What if I want to ERP with anons

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then you deserve the rope

Yeah, it's very true. Too many social retards and stuff. A lot of people are shy or too scared to make contact or break the barrier. Last time I made a friend was FFXIV while I was shitposting.

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Dude, 2012-2014 DOTA 2, CS:GO days were glorious. You'd join a game, shoot the shit, mess around and you'd make friends. I kept playing games for years after with some of them.
It's all ogre now.

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Nah it ain't that. I'm a social retard, but even I managed to be social and have fun with peeps way back when.
Things have changed, the culture, atmosphere, fucking global zeitgeist and shit.
People just aren't social the way they used to be.
Personally I blame social media. We've outsourced social relationships to fucking twitter.

That era was good but before that was even better. In 2007 I was making years-long-friends from just asking people for help in Runescape quests. Or perhaps we're both nostalgiafagging. I wouldn't know the difference since I haven't actually sought friends since then, maybe it's still as easy and we just don't try enough.

Speak up zoomers, can you still join a random match and make friends?

not really, they just over to discord which has replaced all in-game communication methods

Friend code is


I don't use voice because ppl think I'm a girl and get creepy

I play with fgg alot tho

I prefer co-op games but have like every fighting game

No I'm prison gay

>it's a retarded faggot thinks all zoomers were born in 2015+ episode

I wouldn't blame Discord at all, I do not think so many games should integrate it like they do though. It's really weird.
I'm still a ghost on social media, I make friends just fine it's only when I say I don't have a facebook or something that people think I have a problem.

mad zoomer detected on my seething monitor

Ah yes, the year that comfy late night Halo threads were born. Really more of an early-mid 08 thing, but there were some quality threads in 07.

wannabe boomer soilennial detected on my faggot monitor

Fucking cancer.
I'd sooner never speak to another human being for the rest of my life than waddle through that shit.

continue to seethe but your foreskin will never be restored

I guess off topic but I didn't want to make a thread for it
>friends make me buy every multiplayer $60 game that comes out in the past three years or so
>we play it for a week before everyone loses interest
>if I don't buy it they get upset with me for being a "spoilsport"
>have been interested in a game coming out recently and have been asking them to buy it
>almost all of them have either been ghosting me or telling me that they don't really want to buy it
I need to go back.....

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>cocks out of nowhere
kek what a fucking faggot
uncutchad btw

yeah I'm done buying games because normies want to play it, huge waste of money for 10 minutes of play

It means you need different friends. Also consider that normies don't buy anything other than $60 AAA so it's not much of an expense for them. It is for you if you actually buy other games as well, though.

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