Any vidya like it? ie. Sci-fi FPS with light story. I liked Guerrilla but this series has zero cohesion with gameplay

Any vidya like it? ie. Sci-fi FPS with light story. I liked Guerrilla but this series has zero cohesion with gameplay.

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Red Faction 1 is basically Half Life 1, and games similar to that. Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is also quite similar.

Why didnt we ever get a game with destruction similar

Yeah, rf1 is definitely in the same vain of FPS as hl1. Might check for a PC port of that Mace Griffin

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proprietary engine
basically a gimmick the whole game had to be built around
not a great time for open world games of that nature

RF1 was fun, but the geomod engine was underutilized and sort of a meme. It was fun to find supplies and alternate routes only accessible with explosives, but I wish they put it to its full potential. Especially in later stages, RF1 gets weak.

it was also badly lacking coop campaign of some kind. But at least it had bots in multiplayer iirc

RF2 is obviously similar but a pretty objectively worse game than the first

A coop function for RF1 would have been cool.
The multiplayer bots are multiplayer bots though. Alright for target practice, but otherwise a meme. Which is a shame since proper games are hard to get outside of community game nights or matchups.

>demo charge that convoy on the bridge
>the rest of the game explosives are just ways to open doors

Setting ambushes, dropping convoys with blown bridges, leaning into the guerilla miner revolt stuff would have been great, but it was just keys you could kill people with.

2 was a totally different series they put under the name, Guerilla is a lot of fun but markedly different, amragaddeon is garbage.

Honestly hated how incoherent RF2 was to me when I first tried it. Might be misremembering, but I had no idea what was going on in the first level. RF1 did a great job with story context. I knew I was Parker, and who the guards were and who the friendlies were ect.. RF2 just kinda throws me in there, hard for me to get into games like that, especially after playing the first.

pretty much yeah lol
I don't usually advocate for remakes/remasters but RF1 desperately needs one. I feel like THQ nordic only cares about Guerrilla because it's the most recent game that was good.

Reading dev comments they said the destruction mechanic was really really cpu intensive, its why they went underground in the sequel.

And implementation of each building needed engineering consideration, each piece bears a load, reduced integrity needs to be reflected across the entire structure ect, basically the mechanic sucked up all their time and left little for the rest.

Remember Crackdown 3 they made noise about how you could destroy the city? Then they it multiplayer only, and processing was offloaded to cloud servers

Was that for Guerrilla? The destruction in that game was the best by far, though I could understand why they didn't want to make another game for it, but a shame we got Armageddon instead.

Yes guerilla,

RF1 destruction just "deleted" a portion of the level's geometry (voxels?), when you blew up enough it hit a limit and there would be no more destruction. very basic physics though, if you blew up something holding an object up, object would fall to the ground.

yeah, RF2 was terrible. The story was totally incoherent, felt like a totally different world. Should've kept it on Mars, thats half the gimmick.. RED Faction yeah? They made it Red because that was the colour of the miners suits. And yeah, just worse in every way, looks, gameplay, characters, vehicles.

It was also the name of the miners football team if you read the PS2 manual, which they used as a cover for secret meetings.

Area 51

second this, great game, and freeware. Might replay it soon.

Black is a decent FPS with a similar feel, but not Sci Fi.
You'd enjoy Timesplitters 3 Future Imperfect I think.

Escape from Butcher Bay?