What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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That no one except Deep Cut is allowed to run off with the treasure in the Splatlands.

Yes. She. Nintendo themselves confirmed it.


Tranny are you okay? Tranny are you okay? Tranny are you okay? Are you okay Tranny?

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I want Shiver to steal my virginity

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She is talking in a thing called plural which refers to talking about themselves and other people in the same group

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why do you keep obsessively spamming this? this isn't a canon cosplay, also looks like some weird chink white nigger race mix

The game already called Shiver a her during her boss fight you retards.

shes a schizo

user. The trannies didn't drop a beat when Shiver was confirmed a she. They entierly dropped the non-binary route for the "Congrats on transitioning."
The T's will twist every word in the fucking dictionary if it meant they could jew others out of representation.

i fucking hate all of you

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>that pose where she sticks her tongue out before her boss fight
I wasn't really on board before but goddamn she and her 5head friend can both get it

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Oh? Too bad I don't frequent any discussion forum where their nonsense is tolerated.

To me, and most fans, they may as well not exist!

Unfortunately Fans aren't the priority to video games anymore. Only public image and what hair brained scheme the fossils that pay the checks of the publishers and devs.