The great moral debate nobody can answer

The great moral debate nobody can answer

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stab him in the throat

>World's Doom
>Over one life

Not really a hard choice there, boyo.

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give him rape correction

Adopt him and heal him with the power of christ


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Go back in time and turn the child's mother into a feminist democrat.

I pull the lever and high five everyone on the train as it passes

>The great moral debate nobody can answer
not really
if i was a game dev i would play it safe and find a work around
otherwise i would go the edgy route and kill him

Sigh fine

OP's question implies you are control over your own destiny and your actions would be what the writer implemented into the story

Correction rape.

>If they're an evil sack of shit
Kill, they're probably a psychopath with no chance of redemption, letting them live just puts more people at risk, especially if already they have the power to cause world destruction as a child
>Situation where they can't be held reasonably accountable
Mercy kill so they don't have to live with the guilt of what they did, or deal with people wanting to hunt them down for the rest of their life

Smash the shit kid's head in

Kill the twerp, don't look back

Corrective rape.

Use a hammer or whatever.

kick the toddler

They must have had a abusive or horrible childhood and such actions are likely driven by it, so they can easily be saved by treating the child with love. As if he could destroy the world theoretically he could also have the power to heal it

Become his right hand and ensure complete global domination.


People are too soft. Just kill the fucking kid and be done with it.


This is true unless it’s a incarnation of satan, you can’t let them free but you can’t kill them. Watching over them is the smartest course of action

>destructive power could also heal
Holy fucking reddit.

This, and the protagonist is his older sister

yeah but wouldn't the story progression be controlled by the dev ? so it's no longer really your choice since the options are pre-determined
that's why i assumed op is talking about game dev , since that's where the decision making is happening

This is the most moral option

I kill myself. That’s what worked in Looper. Or I genocide the whole world. That kind of worked in attack on titan.

>take the kid on a whirlwind tour to the sites of all the atrocities they committed
>beat eighteen kinds of shit out of anything that can get in your way
>beat seventeen kinds of shit out of the kid if they get uppity
>leave them to their own devices
>if they ever get shitty again go out to personally smack them around
Now this is parenting

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This could have been a 10/10 masterpiece if they had Manah as the sole heroine and removed that faggot nowe and his entire subplot

read monster!