Name a better third person shooter

Name a better third person shooter.

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>had to change region because of idpol spam in the plaza
What's wrong with people? Why's it gotta be like this?

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I'm very interested to see how much this game will sell. If it sells at least 8 million, which would be right in the middle of sales for Splatoon 1 and 2, the Splatoon series will have outsold the Ratchet and Clank series, another well known TPS/Platformer hybrid.

gears of war 2/3

max payne
sin & punishment

>tfw ever since I was a kid I wanted to play dungeon dice monsters
>Fucking Splatoon gave me a better version of what I wanted.
Unironically the most hype thing in the game. If this shit had online vs. it'd be perfect.

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This and the sequel The 40th Day

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Not hard to beat that shit online.

Any Earth Defense Force game.

Is splatoon 3 online any good? 1 was ok in wii u days

Splatoon as a series is the only good online shooter game whether it be 1st or 3rd person since the good old days of Unreal Tournament/Championship

1's was better.
I'm not kidding. It was literally better.
And the Wii U had way less input lag on it's controller so it also felt better.

Nintendo shat the bad so hard with switch it's embarrassing.
Picrel happens way too often to be tolerable by any shooter standards in 2022.

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Been using snipers since the first game but for some reason I just can't hit anything in this one. Even in the training zone I end up missing easy shots. Did they change something or I'm just cursed?

>I'm very interested to see how much this game will sell
It's definitely gonna sell more than 2, because the switch has a lot more owners now, because it's a better game, and also because it's the only real big Nintendo made game this year so not a lot of competition (just Pokemon)

They didn't change anything

The reason why it keeps disconnecting right now is obviously because the server is overloaded from the fuckton of people who just bought the game. I'd be willing to bet that at any given point right now there are like 2-3 million people trying to play. It will die down in a few weeks, and especially after the first splat fest raps up.

If you're right, then it's crazy how big Splatoon is getting so quickly. It even sold very well on the Wii U of all consoles.

Reminder that you all need to draw upside down to dab on troons and furries

Explain, please.

about 1/7 matches have some sort of disconnect at the start, or before you join, or after everyone re-queues
but they start so quickly compared to Splatoon 2 that it's at least tolerable

>If you're right, then it's crazy how big Splatoon is getting so quickly. It even sold very well on the Wii U of all consoles.
It's not really crazy, it's made by the Animal Crossing team who is clearly insanely talented and definitely has a pretty large budget. Great team plus great budget equals great game. The Animal Crossing/Splatoon team could probably make any genre of game popular.

This is just because of everyone flooding the servers at once. A month from now it will be back to normal.

Splatoon 1

>server sets up matches
>matches are P2P
>user blames server load for mid-match disconnects
lmao, even

Nintendo just sucks balls at online
Like how Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes a full minute for each person to join OR leave, breaks when people leave unexpectedly, and half the game features are unavailable when playing online

I've only played Splatoon 1.
Loved it (sunk in about 600 hours I'd say, even played a bit competitively) but never bothered with S2/3. Is it worth the hassle or is it never getting better and I should move on and not bother buying a switch