STALKER 2 delayed indefinitely, microsoft issue refunds for preorders

uh... bros...?

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It was foolish of me to put my faith in Sergiy

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Did the owner buy too many cars again?

How dumb do you have to be to preorder before ever even seeing actual real gameplay footage and not that prerendered crap? I wish these people would never get their refunds. They're absolute morons.

The "winning side" just drafted the developers.

They've been in Prague for months now, vatnigger. How 'bout you keep your coping to Any Forums where you belong? There's no need to bring your seething about the R*ssian rout to Any Forums.

I don't consider STALKER 2 near the greatest loss to vidya. Game had more editions for preorder than there were braincells among the people queuing up to buy them without ANY gameplay footage. The sliver of footage we did get was a UI-less sequence of shooting bandits.

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Why are you lying OP?

I just hope ukraine and russia stop so we can all play good video games :)

How can there be a delay with no release date mentioned?


The expected release year shown on the initial announcement pic was 2021

If Putin deserves to die for anything, it's this.

The estimate is December of 2023.

What prerender, the leaked videos show that the game just looks like that.
No idea why Any Forums insists that shit was prerendered when the graphics weren't anything special, Metro Exodus looked better.

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>Any Forums
>knowing anything about game development or engines
Dude it's getting close to 10 years since MGSV came out and this place is still worshipping the Fox Engine.

Once more for really slow people like yourself:
The latest delay pushed it into 2023 with no exact date given anymore. Hence there can be no delay announced because there's no date to push back (lest they give up on the year entirely).

Source? All I've seen is the year.

holy fucking cope lmao get fucked tranny

Not December, the previous date was December of 2022, they delayed it to 2023, but they didn't say a month.

Stop pretending there is an actual video of Stalker 2 gameplay around.
Those are all stills from the leaked pre-alpha from months ago.

>tranny out of nowhere
Forgot it's amerimutt posting hours.

>programmed sheep response

Take your meds, schizo.

... which is my fucking point.

Stalker 2 is another Doom Eternal case.
It's a game that Any Forums has chosen to seethe about for no reasons related to the game itself.
When it comes out Any Forums will be seething no matter what, and if it sells well we will have random Stalker 2 seething threads for years.

This zoomer behaviour is why everyone just comes here to laugh at zoomers whenever they have a meltdown over how pathetic their personal lives are.

But there is a reason. The devs are Ukrainian and the Sheep are told to hate them.

>no reason
Nah, you have on one hand the commies and trannies from Any Forums who deeply care about the Soviet civil war, and the Amerimutts who have unironically absorbed the Soviet war into their "culture war" out of the deep sense of attention whoring all mutts have.