Post your unpopular vidya opinions

Post your unpopular vidya opinions

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i think the steam deck is great

sonic 2 is the best 2d game in the series

Sticker Star is a good exploration game, even if its dull as sin as a mario rpg.

new good
old boring

Doom 3 is unironically more of a Doom game than Doom Eternal.

Raiden isn't that bad of a character.

Grinding is fun. I never liked the idea of having things handed to me from the get-go. Grinding for items and spending a whole year to reach the top feels very rewarding.

Western action games are not games.

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Dark Souls 2 is a good game

you first anime loving nigger

Majora's Mask is the best 3d Zelda

Burning Crusade was the worst Expansion and the true beginning of the end.

Final Fantasy 8 is the worst game ever made, including worst than ET and Superman 64.

video games mainly rpgs should do away with have enemies with massive health pools compared to you unless it warrants it like they're gigantic.
They should instead have them be as strong as you but with much smarter AI comparable to you

sonic adventure & sonic adventure 2: battle are the only good sonic games

>not dc sa2
one of the worst takes i've seen in a while you should be ashamed

what makes dc sa2 better?

DBZ Budokai 3 > DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3

this i liked ds2

By smarter ai do you mean reads inputs and performs actions faster than you? Or do you mean smart as in just make the ai think like a human lmao it's easy.

Fallout 4 is one of the best Bethesda games ever made even if it still kind of sucks

Linear story based movie games like TLOU are fine as long as they don't have 256 hour long cutscenes like MGS4

If enemies in an FPS game take more than a few hits to kill its probably a bad FPS game

The entire JRPG genre is terrible and I genuinely believe you have to be either a child or autistic to enjoy them (pokemon is fine though)

The original Mass Effect trilogy is one of the pinnacles of the RPG genre

D&D style combat in CRPGs is fucking cancer and completely unfun (and I say this as someone who plays D&D)

Cute little girls are more important than gameplay

That one autistic user who made a thread about how games aren't games unless they have strict win loss conditions was right. Most modern games are really immersive sims and this is actually what I prefer anyway, I don't like games

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if you played the remaster/remake of a game you didn't really beat it.

Fighting games are too reliant on sexuality to sell their games

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