Comfy deck thread

what are ye deckin'

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I tried Max Payne 2 on it and I think I'm realizing it's the weakest in the series.

Damn shame.

>got the coof last week
>Deck is perfect in bed
>too tired and sore most days to even focus on video games

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Lay at an angle so you don't destroy your chest. The coof gives violent fucking coughs.

play games that require less mental and physical energy

imagine running windows 95 hen you could run wine in windows 95 mode

Replaying FarCry 3. I tried XCOM2 just to see how it played and the controls are a little clunky but surprisingly good for what is basically a kbm game.

Unrelated, do I need to care about the speed of an sd card for loading up emudeck?

This thread needs more 'ick and less 'eck

Old and busted.

For me it's Pal-chan.

what is even the 'after sale' image meant to be portraying

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Saints Row Deux

I made the reservation for a 64gb on Aug 28, how long will it take until I get an email to order one?

She has dollar and yen(?) signs in her eyes. Pile of cash I guess?

>spend all of my time looking for games to play
>don't play anything

dont know that feel

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front to end and all side quests

got overwatch to work on my 'eck but I have to open and close the keyboard between every death otherwise the controls don't work. makes me tryhard so i don't die lol. based gaben

Finally playing DOOM (2016) for the first time and this shit runs smooth and it's pretty fun too.

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Anyone have the link to the 3d printed battery pack holder?

I can't enjoy Dead Rising 1 anymore...

I decked your mother with my penis, if you know what I mean. Heh...

i'm a schizo, is this my thread?

lookin good joker!

I'm honestly surprised at the thermals on this thing. I've had gaming laptops that reached 90 C but surprisingly the Deck averages about 70 for me even running shit on high or ultra

Anyone get Kamadori working on the 'eck yet?


Alright gals. It's time to start gaming on my deck UwU

The N. Sane Trilogy runs excellently but I'm wondering why I'm using 30 GB of space on a device where I could just play the originals for 1/30th of the space

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no one knows what that is bruv

skill issue.

Lmao holy fuck you can’t even start a GabenPad Pro thread without snagging reddit images?
Why aren’t you posting your own hardware that you totally own?

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anyway to control the fan?
>I want to run the fun at 100% for a few minutes before I put it away after gaming

I started playing cyberpunk again. It's fucking amazing that I am playing this on a hand held with mixed mid/high settings at a locked 30fps

BotW is much better on the deck. Currently have relics of the past, second wind, and the moonslayer set mods installed. And thanks to second wind, I have a ton of new quests, items, crafting, and new locations.

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Extremely shameful display, OP. Kill yourself.

why not just let it cool down naturally instead of killing the life of your fans

>1.2 hours Boneraiser Minions
it's my number 1 played since I got my deck haha

I'm playing sly 2 and finding the clue bottles by myself like a big boy instead of looking it up like when I played it before

40 fps is actually cash, who knew you couldn't see more than 30fps, I thought it was a meme.

game seemed fun from what i played, i know the dev has been really active since launch. waiting for the updates to slow down to give it a try again

Sorry, I don't drink.

Fuck you snoy tendie Reddit is our ally for SteamDeck supremacy

Might I suggest that we all start calling it "the steamer"?

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bro u wish it was that small

Fight N Rage looks pretty good with it's filters on the Deck methinks.