Is writing a book profitable?

Is writing a book profitable?

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absolutely not. its one of the most breadless arts out there. statistically you are better off day trading and that gives you already terrible chances

all that said if you have a passion go ahead and write a book. it is an accomplishment and a journey that can be worth it for personal growth and as a hobby

If you can put it online as a PDF and get a high volume of downloads, yes. Otherwise, no. Almost nobody makes any real money in self-publishing or trad publishing.

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Keep in mind I have European standards for money, if I earned 100$ per book that took me 30h of writing I would be happy.


I’ve written 7 books

I’ve made less than $100

Maybe try writing a good one next

nope, since everyone can write a book and self publish now it's become oversaturated and worthless, before self publishing you were pretty much guaranteed to make money once you got published.

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I crowdfunded a graphic novel for around 40K. All the money went into production and fulfillment. It was an absolutely miserable experience. Books are a scam the elites use to launder money.

Thing is people are cheapskates

My first book had over 5000 readers around the world
Everyone loved the manifesto

But fuck you if you try taking $20 from someone


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>AI today can make art now
Soon the AI will take over the writers' job. Being a writer to write a book won't be profitable for human anymore.

Not at all plus people are getting browner and dumber

Capeshit movies, which are basically the only thing that sells anymore, are all very formulaic; having an AI write them would be trivial.

Just EMP the AI

Try finding an editor for a rate of 100$ per book. Your delisional

if you can write a book in 30h and get it published with an actual house, I salute you.
if you self publish, the chances to sell even 1 copy are slim.
you need someone to pay for the print, for advertisment etc etc.
you will need to go on a signing tour.
then yes, it can be profitable, but you will need to sell like 1 million copies, for which you will earn $1 max.
if you can sell film rights, and get translations all over the world, you made it.
if you can do all this with only 30h writing time, you are brilliant.

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i meant to say $1 each per sold copy. this is a generous estimate.

No, selling a book is

It is decentralised D: