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i know i know im a faggot

but i wasnt wrong

good morning sirs

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We're reaching 320 SPY before we start going up. It would put the pe close to 15. Zoom out the spy chart and you'll see the only good support at 330 to 320. This week we'll break a support and it's all down from here

It's all fucked

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can't believe Baggie is going to win after all

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thats bullish

There will be blood today.

I just boughted this yummy dip.

>Rates are rising and the debt is too high!! The US will have to default!!

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Anything just shorting the shit out of META?

ooooo that is scrumptiouserino *licks you*

i just dont see how you ever think you can long the market after what happened in one single minute candle the moment that fateful cpi print dropped
like do people think something like that should be taken lightly


>The US will have to default!!
The US will have to nationalize everything...

>Think of the implications.

based and fedpilled

Cpi was basically flat. It was a 0.2 difference.


that might have gone very badly for many.

FedEX ceo says we are in a recession. so insightful.

who cares what the print said
the spx dropped 100 points in a single minute candle at 8:30 on the dot
thats quite significant

you should probably slurp that "dip" Mumu hahahahahaha faggot!

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Baggot never wins. His gookfu is never coming back and his puts will expire worthless.


And that's a good thing!

Finally, we can finally coooooooooom

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happy friday bros

Core was 0.6%. Energy could go back up any minute when we get done depleting our reserves.

It was flat despite massive manipulation of energy prices, which isn't going to last, showing inflation is entrenched and going higher when oil prices reverse higher.

We 34000 by eoy, this was the bottom

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Cathy did

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more money to finance my new house's downpayment *dances*



lol this isnt a down payment market anymore
you better make enough to just buy it outright when prices come down

Genie let out of the bottle
It is now the witching hour

Genie let out of the bottle
It is now the witching hour

Yea- i put in my stop losses- this market is shifty.

uhhh what's going on with the premarket

Amazing thing is I’m not seeing foreign prices on shit go down. Trying to buy some British speakers in dollars and it’s not getting cheaper.

i'm not poor
already under contract

Another 11 weeks of bleeding it seems

>positive even with SPR release artificially reducing energy prices

You still don't understand the significance of the cpi report.. all bulls had was a hopium narrative of peaking inflation and sooner than expected fed pivot. It dashed all of the hopes and dreams that rate hikes have worked so far or inflation had peaked. It's projected to increase again in September and SPR releases won't be able to continue much longer. It gives the fed grounds to hike much more aggressively and dashes any hopes of a "soft landing". There is no hopium to push the line up anymore. Bad news is in fact not good news.

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Cash gang is today the day to become a soxl sister?

core CPI was up YoY and MoM though. it actually doubled MoM

better for your macro economy, all things going on considered.

what a mistake
hit me up in 6 months ill take the place off your hands for 30% off

It really is time to buy intel

Lmao -46% this month.. go for it faggot

Maybe because they've already been imported?

>What? The FED is raising rates again? I can't believe it.
All my positions are long and I look forward to buying back CC today, but are people really so stupid that another rate hike is a surprise? And haven't there been green days on news of a rate hike as well, perhaps the one in July?
To simplify the above: isn't this shit priced in?

did i get b& for posting witches on quad witching day? fucking jannies don't let us have any fun.

For sure. The distributors are taking extra profit on the exchange. I need to find a way to buy from England

yeah better to wait till its back at ath


im considering calls for next month, worth a stab

ser but pound bad doller good

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Post your position when you do the needful xir

I'm down 2.4% in the premarket, how about you guys? Is this average?

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I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this market

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so it's all over then, huh?

i can't WISH shill came in here spreading lies and selling snake oil. fucker convinced me to turn 25 hundred smart money that should have been more puts into 25 hundred need a fucking prayer money,

it is finished bros, another -10% day incoming

Seems so.

I'm up.

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i dunno i think ima gap up like 40-50%


What time does the quad happen eastern time?

Looks like I might be bagholding 200 shares of SOXL at 10.56 cost basis. RIP I will never recover from this

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kek, baggies.

sometimes you get what you deserve.

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I sold my GUSH for a loss. Apparently oil can just go to $0 even though the US has no oil and demand is at pre-pandemic levels. Fuck this shit, I'm going to go short on the indices.

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End of day I think

like last couple hours of market

Kek. Go back to work wagie.

>even oil is reddish

this post is the ultimate BOTTOM IS NOT IN signal

why did you hold them so long user?

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Oil is going to moon next couple months get in now.

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let it crater

>Heard on the Street?
>Berkshire looking at possible stake in FedEx