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Recap Episode on Chisato Nishikigi's Birthday Edition

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This series needs to be retconned, for the animation alone


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I fucking hate Lucario
That is my final take away from this

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(now with 300% more rigging accusations!)

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>twp Gohshit episodes in a row

is Ash even worth a shit without feeding Lucario aura steroids?

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OLM is a fucking tax write-off.

Give me one good reason why anyone would unironically like Leon.

Can't wait for the "Go Away" episode where Goh FUCKS OFF for his dream of catching fillermons he never uses..

We all know the answer already

Meanwhile Garjob

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Cynthia and Diantha didn't get a goodbye scene like the others did in after the first round, so they might actually stick around to do commentary for the finals, nice.

Yeah, I'm out. Good riddance.

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>is Ash even worth a shit without feeding Lucario aura steroids?
No, the dog was on its way to lose the beam struggle before that

This episode made me sad, it was just bad

this battle was so fucking and underwhelming
I stopped watching back in DP, did the series quality really not improve at fucking ALL since 2009???
like, 98% of all seasonal garbage FOTM anime look better than this, what the fuck

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what's even the point of strategy, type advantage and experience if Lucario is just going to tank EVERYTHING and win because aura magic shit?

let me guess, he's gonna tank G-Max Wildfire or absorb it or some kind of shit with aura and will win, holy shit it's so retarded

JNsisters... not like this...

He won't because Leon will win.

Not liking the upping of the fake tension with Togekiss taking all manner of beating, exhausting Lucario in the process, and not taking a single dent. Animation has also been subpar. I just have very high standards that don't involve cheap cop-outs. God forbid someone says even the slightest bit critical thing, even if it's their opinion, and they get piled on by people with low standards for writing.

Play some RDR2 and raise standards of excellence in writing, please.


I honestly hope Goh's irrelevant episode has better animation than what we saw today just to cum on this shit sundae like what the fuck was that?

Like this for example we were hyped for this?

All the other champions are eccentric people that just happens to be good at battles but they really care about other shit
>muh research
>muh stones
>muh dragons
>muh acting

But leon is a true champ he only cares about pokemon battles, no wonder he is the strongest in the world he is a focused man

Leon was built and made to job to Ash (Pikachu) in the finals

first half of JN was good, look at Korrina vs Ash battle or Ash vs Volkner, idk what happened with the production, covid alone obviously matters but something else happened to have these results.

>Sakugafag will literally die mad about the awesomeness of a land shark and edge dog boxing
Sometimes I hate the pokemon anime fandom.

3-rd strongest*

FUCK this series
redpill me on RDR2, I played 1 and loved it but tried playing 1 and it was so slow I just wanted to fall asleep. I just ended up dropping it during that winter caravan ride that lasted for like fucking 20 minutes of non-stop talking, and you go down to change a wheel, like jesus christ it was such a slog
did I get filtered? please tell me the whole game wasn't like this and I should give it a 2nd try.

Shouldn't be backwards? Is Lucario worth shit without Ash's bullshit aura powers? The answer is no since we knew he was weak as shit in the Onix fight just to have a power Level jump the moment Ash used his aura

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So JN was bad?

>tried playing 1
tried playing 2*

The fact your post is dripping with pre-emptive "TAKE my opinion seriously >:(" makes you sound like a faggot user

If you got filtered by the caravan ride then you unironically have even worse standard than the average JNfag and need to not respond to me.

It was shit before and it's shit now.

Cynthia would have lost way harder if Spiritomb didn't suicide to kill Pikachu btw

>let me guess, he's gonna tank G-Max Wildfire or absorb it or some kind of shit with aura and will win
But user, that's the thing, we don't actually know whether it will be the dog or the rat that's going to win. The plot armor on every Ashmon is off against Leon, aside from the one mon the writers decide to be the one to win it, which we won't know until the actual end, so hype for actual stakes and uncertainty.

seriously what the fuck happened?

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If anything I am just happy to see Teen Cynthia, this is the only good thing from today

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ok then the whole game is fucking movie shit, got it

Ash doesn't feel like a M8 level trainer... He barely wins by cheating plot armor, while real Champions sweep.

Mostly mediocre with some peaks and some valleys.

Just look how perfect she is

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>comparing the writing in the fucking Pokémon anime to Red Dead Redemption 2

Honestly what in the absolute hell is wrong with you autists? Is this bait?

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He's silly and cute
Also I do not ask people why they like X thing I don't like

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Mega Lucario would have lost without energy steroids

I want a teenage Cynthia series now

Wanky calls, staff unwillingly creating more discussion with certain wanking of episode's quality(AKA Tomiyasu), Concept not thought out enough in only 3 years.

>travel through Sinnoh with heels on

What is wrong with her?

>Teen Cynthia
Why does she look so edgy?

See this Brazzers animation here? Its frame rate is half its real fps, skips several frames, much smaller res than original, in gif instead of webm, yet still vastly more superior, soulful, and impossibly more kino than all of JN episodes combined. "Biggest franchise in the world" my ass.

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it's not going to be neither the rat or the dog but Gengar since Tomioka said Ash would use all 3 gimmicks in the tournemant and he hasn't used dynamax yet, and it's going to suck.

Leon is just exactly what ash would be like as an adult

But Ash isnt an ugly paki

Duh, he's literally made to get beaten by the protagonist

journegros' hardest pill to swallow

>OLM btfo'd by Brazzers animation
I never thought that I would die from Laughter.

Ash is an ugly spic

Asking anyone that watched the episode, was the frog actually confirmed to have given Lucario a boost or was it just a "DO IT" scene?

so what happened, did ash win or lose

take me fucking back

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Ash won, everyone else lost.

how can Ash lose to Cynthia if Iris didnt

Maybe is not hard for you because you are used to swallowing so many cocks every day

What the fuck do you mean what happened? We have already been told, verbally, what happened. The current director decided mid-way that the show was going to do a Tournament arc that showed every single battle of said arc. There was a clear production reason why Journeys had gaps between "battle episodes" but this arc threw all that to the skies.

what actually happened is Ash & Lucario reached the same bond he had with Greninja, it was so strong the frog fucking felt it all the way from kalos

Cynthia > Palmer????

Poor NTR’d frog


absolutely fucking SEETHING lmao

>prefering tankninja, later renamed weak-to-fireninja over tankcario
It REALLY is just the animation to you shallow fucks, isn't it, couldn't give a damn about the writing even if you were paid to do it?

You know who else has a Rhyperior in his team? Hehe

it was so good
I will never forget the hype
truly the peak of the series

>Greninja becomes immune to Grass out of nowhere
Holy shit Shota was robbed harder than DP Ash. At least the animation looked pretty.

Fucking hell, stop seething. Everyone loses.

Next series will have both a network and studio shift. JN will be the end of TV Tokyo/OLM era. TPC asked for a clean break between series, hence the fucked up production. It was a last minute decision.
Next series will be produced by Toei Animation, ShoPro and will be aired on Fuji TV next to One Piece.
Bandai will become the new main sponsor replacing Takara Tomy.

>NTR’d frog
Well, you know what they say, those who can't do teach. He should be happy that he at least played a part in a non-jobbermons career.

>that showed every single battle of said arc
these non-ash battles were outsourced to chinks.