Did you know that in many cultures, frogs symbolize happiness, harmony, fertility, and beauty?

Did you know that in many cultures, frogs symbolize happiness, harmony, fertility, and beauty?
and this generation go outside and do dogs and horses instead. yuck

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Best franchise

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>huge forehead
You used the worst picture you could find

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you want them to fuck frogs instead?

appreciating frogs more would be enough

What does a frog symbolize when a vorefag swallows them whole?

>wojack is bald
lol, accurate

>posting jaks
You aren't any better

give me a good meme template for rent free and I'd gladly use it

How about just killing yourself for being a wojakshitter instead

How about you stop being an underage edgy kid telling people to die over a drawing?

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Bulbasaur but with a Foongus instead of a bulb on top

How about this one?

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how is this a rent free meme?

Wrong pic, my bad

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remember to put a braxien on the autistic screeching guy's shirt, l3l

why would I want to fuck an Ivysaur, they're all male

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where did you get uoh braixen, user?

I just googled "crying braixen"

Munchlax is a little kid
stop being a pedo

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>humans have been selectively breeding horses based on how receptive the mare is to human cock since they started taming the creature
>"nuuuuuuu, yuo NEED to be a slimy frogfag like me"
lolol, frogfag hopping mad

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Actually lol'd

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i am NOT having sex with munchlax

sex with pokemon is wrong

Why did Arceus make it feel so, so right then?

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frogs are iconic love symbols.
dogs and horses are for weirdos

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that's the work of giratina, not arceus