Ethereum has left the chat

I do wonder why they keep XRP there tho, given it's also a version of PoS.

PS: If it's not PoW, it's scam.

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PoW is a communist ideal that leads to shit results.
It does and will take strong groups of men to lead.
Work for the sake of work is retarded.

All PoW has done nothing for the average man.

>I do wonder why they keep XRP there tho, given it's also a version of PoS.
This is your brain on bitcoins

XRP is not PoS, it's consensus protocol. See :

Also it's the standard


XRP will be all the money

the signs are all there

It's quite interesting guys

$37500 per XRP

The patrician choice. I will assess the competency of these KNOWN AND PUBLIC validators and choose to invest or not.

You can see how this is better than mystery mega miners and anonymous stake holders controlling things right? Right?

Oh ok then.

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>PoS is a communist ideal
fixed that for you my little commie propaganda lover

Sorry. Work for the sake of work is considered value.
Even though it offers no actual tangible value.
It's the Federate Byzantine Agreement.
Try reading about it maybe.

And again, these are KNOWN AND PUBLIC validators.
Who is running ETH and BTC? Tell me.
There are mining rigs worth billions. Tell me who owns them.
What's that? You don't know?

Is XRP the yellow part?

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Avalanche literally had more transactions in the last 24 hrs than that entire pie, and it is not even top of the tree. PoW is dead.

Avalanche? You mean Gun and roche? Ava labs and litigation drama? Oh boy these guys are going to get sued from like 7 different angles

Love these thickly vieled shill threads
Pro trip soundaramadhran, we know your brown when you resolution is this poor


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>Love these thickly vieled shill threads
What exactly am I hiding?
BSV is Bitcoin. CSW is SN. ETH is worthless as Bitcoin is already Turing Complete (ie Smart Contracts). BTC is SegWitCoin that can't do jackshit. Lightning is not secure. You're a retard.

>txs with literally no volume or no reality at all

outside of bitcoin there isn't a single relevant proof of work cryptocurrency, which is by design.
proof of work protects you from minority altcoins as much as it directly protects against fork attacks of the blockchain.

ultimately the work in proof of work is fungible, even if the hardware used to perform it between blockchains is not. nobody is going to set up a new mining farm for a failed alt like bcash/bsv, all that effort gets funneled to where the long-term prospects are. it eats everything.

>people are not doing transactions on a new chain they're iffy about
How will eth ever recover I mean it's not like most of the entire crypto market is based on it or anything

The mother of all rugpulls
This will go down in history, the amount of incoming pain is going to be absolutely mind blowing. Be happy you got to witness it.

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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XRP is proof of Byzantine agreement, it has no consensus and it has no benefit for those who decide to run nodes
You are a greasy retarded bitnigger and this has to be the 10th time I see you niggardly decide what PoS is inside your heavily medicated pajeet head. XRP is simply superior no matter how much your drool on yourself thinking over what a consensus algorithm is.

two more weeks bruh, just two more weeks, trust the plan

it's another plutocracy, with another coating, just like pos.

Ohh you’re a bsv cuck
Toppest kek imagine the smelle

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Have you looked into the Lawsuits
>ICP insider pump and dump on retail
>Tether printing billions of USDT out of thin air to make it seem like demand for cryptocurrency is exploding
> advertising UST to retail as if it is the same as USD

They're all guilty as fuck. And you know it. If they don't want to be sued then maybe they should try not committing securities fraud.