Minerbros, what do now?

minerbros, what do now?
go back to mcdonalds?

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Good fuck this guy and fuck those free loaders

Kys faggot wef cock sucker

those freeloaders issued the coins you bought, and they helped secure the network. good luck securing PoS now


Said in a central banker tone

The switch to proof-of-stake (Pos) has been part of the plan since Ethereum launched, there's no fucking excuse for such an immense lack of due diligence.

what happened?

>having lower gas prices is bad for crypto, hmkay *rubs hands*

Time to sell your mining devices

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Kek someone post the roasties TikTok of her trying to build her first mining rig. Absolutely btfo

Didn't she switch to mining CHIA though?

I don't keep up with whores also chia is a shit project so she's fucked either way

its called POS (piece of shit) for a reason

ethereum classic has always had exceptionally high volume over the years
if they care about the long-term they'll just mine that
if they try to play games with new forks of ethereum, they'll just be wasting their time and killing any opportunity they might have had.

theres always another shitcoin to mine and payouts are in btc anyways so why arethey complaining

This is why you mine BTC instead

socialistic scam coin now

its called POW (proof of waste) for a reason

only people who dye their hair call it that

That's what you get for being a worthless dreg on society, literally causing people in New York to freeze to death because of stupid monopoly money.

Fuck every crypto bro


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People in New York freezing to death was because of politicians banning heating with natural gas and shutting down nuclear power plants. They took away cleaner cheaper energy then looked for other people to blame.