Kadena is not babena

Daily KDA is a scam.
No hope edition.

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I hate losing sleep over $KDA prices but one day soon, maybe next year, we will be in a very good place. I still believe

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>AY id
It’s over isn’t it

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stop putting $ in le ticker

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What's up with the tvl doing a 10x from kdswap

better tech wins

[spoilder] fake acocunting [/spoilder]

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I'm aware kdswap is better but I'm just wondering what happened

This thread is made by paid discord shills they want to scam you!
Do not invest in any coins they recommend, do not engage with them and do not support them in any way. They are only here to get as much liquidity as possible from gullible retards. They have astroturfed Any Forums for over 2 years by now and scammed a lot of clueless Any Forums anons.
Thank you for your attention.

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did she kill herself in the end?

I couldve sold this shit at the peak and had 120 grand, now I have 9 grand seriously fuck this shit

kda is 1€ lol

bro it's just money

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I'll hold your kda

Don't think you have anything left to buy kda with.

are you talking to yourself?

No, I'm clearly talking to you. Are you me?

look, i understand that you're part of the majority of this part that is poor, but that isn't everyone here

board*, fuck

Alright, how much kda do you have and how much are you capable to buy, also why aren't you buying already?

5 digits+ worth
her kda at a discount
kda isn't €1

And what is your target if you're buying at 1? 2?

another 5 digits worth

what is your sell target?


ok, final question, if you're so sure about 1 euro why aren't you selling all your kda now and shorting it to 1?

who said i was sure about €1, that's my entry