The anime has more hype than the new generation of games which are literally 2 months (or less if they leak) away

>the anime has more hype than the new generation of games which are literally 2 months (or less if they leak) away
It's fucking over

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People are really invested in this current tournament arc. The Japanese fans especially are calling today’s episode one of the best episodes in the series.

thats because they have shown fuck all of the games

They just look like sword and shield with a few additions.
The anime is letting Ash do shit he hasn't been able to do for the entire franchise's history.

>today’s episode one of the best episodes in the series.

Any OS filler is more enjoyable than this predictable plot shielded match.

Sorry Cynthiabro, I’m sad too.

>People complain Ash always loses
>He starts winning
>People complain

Sorry, but the staff can't find a proper balance. Either he's a jobber or his plot shield is so big he defeats everyone without any stakes.

There's no in-between.

Because the anime always has been better than the games
Ash>>>>>literally who npc

That... makes complete sense though. having a character whoa eternally set up to choke suddenly start conquering every powerful player in his setting all at once os really weird and rushed.

Going from jobbing to OCs that stand in his way to even challenging the league, to suddenly stomping characters thought to be above the league, is a huge jump.

no it really hasn't

Because the precedent's been set.
>nothing new/exciting will stick around
>it's forever gonna be the same shit battle wise
>interesting locations to explore are gone, now you get safari zones with nothing in em
What's there to look forward to?

>anime has more hype because Ash, who is famous for losing most of the time, is finally allowed to win against the strongest trainers from...
>wait for it...
>you guessed it...
Unless you're some kind of retard who thinks characters like Cynthia and Iris are more popular because of their roles in the anime. That's definitely why they used Iris' BW2 design, right? It's the climax of the show, of course people are hype about it. Don't be fucking asinine. The last SV reveals got a metric buttload of fanart, any implication that people aren't looking forward to these games is laughable.

>he thinks FotW fanart's made from passion, and not attention

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It really is the only part of the franchise that's not completely incompetent, and that's not a fucking compliment.

They are hyped for the shtiposting, user, because of how utterly mismanaged the entire series has been especially the tournament arc.

Not enough hot female characters, simple as.

We need more of her, honestly.

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t. dude just trust me

two times zero = zero