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Cynthia and Garchomp KNEEL to Ash Edition

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Ash x Goh for lucky thread

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Its Joever

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New leaks
>leon teaches charizard rock smash
>while lucario is mega-evolving he uses RS to break the mega stone
>this is the deciding factor in their battle
>leon wins

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>someone actually drew this

At long last the simps can finally shut the fuck up.

She's kneeling to Garchomp

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Whose Franchise!?

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So where's the sakuga? /padt/ keeps on telling me they'll save the budget for the final fight of Garchomp and Lucario?

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Honestly, a character who's sitting rent free in the minds of everyone for over a decade, deserves all the fanart. He's successfully done his job.

When is this shit getting retconned, they ruined champions

>animation budget? Yeah it's fucking mine

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It's over
They're saving all the budget for the Paella region
That's why there's been so many recaps and breaks

Bro from the thumbnail the image looked like a vagina kek


it better be as good ash ash vs kukui when that kamehameha drained the entire budget

The charizard battles in the tournament have all had good animation.

Ash > Leon > Cynthia > Steven > Diantha > Alain > Lance > Iris

>Stevenfujos dead
>Cynthiafags kneeled
just one more to go

I wish Leon's fights are longer.

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Why didn't Dawn cameo?

>Lucario-sama? I kneel

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So we all agree that without pumping all that Aura from Ash/frog - Lucario loses to Togekiss, right ?
Just clarifying

Is Ash worthy to fight Red now?

To busy being stuck in a forest filler to do something worthwhile

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Always was.

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Kenny kidnapped her.

Why didn't Cynthia use aura?

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Yes plot armor was > 9000 today

and Mega Chomp is STILL undefeated

Still the best.
Fuck you /padt/.

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Pikachu should beat Leon's Gmax Charizard with an explosion similar to the first episode against the flock of Spearow for maximum kino.

The absolute state of JN

Too much of an inferior trainer compared to Ash.

leon jobbing in october?
will it be 1v1 or 3v3

>Literally sub 1 year old Lucario is the most powerful trained Pokemon in the world, over champion mons that have literally decades of training and experience
This is why I don't watch the anime anymore

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garchomp is old as fuck she has back problems

the ep confirmed 6v6

>Still going with the back pain excuse.

age doesnt matter
Lucario is very special + trains autistically + gets huge aura boosts for free power-up
And still he only barely beat Base Chomp

Fucking Hau Vs Meme Oak had better animation than this episode

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JN was surprisingly okay compared to M8. M8 is absolute trash regardless who win and who lose.


Cynthia is just a bad trainer.

Cynthia called Ash her rival?

>leon jobbing in october?
The thing that will redeem JN - seeing the ugly shillpaki job

The match' screen at the end.

>teleports out

Caps of the challengers with their teams underneath on the signboard.

Maenami was very active in pre-covid JN, then he disappeared

Ash >= Leon ? Cynthia > Steven > Diantha >= Lance/Iris > Alain

Sure but I won't use that excuse to kick 80yo karate master's ass. That's just how bullshit the writing was

a level 80 Lucario user

The series itself? They announced at the stadium that rounds from semis onwards will be 6 vs. 6

The anime never made sense.

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>Literally afterimage
It's based

Hey, where's the retards who are saying Cynthia will get the animation budget?

The winner

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Red looks like fucking megamind lmao

of my heart

>panning frames at the end
>this is actually "good" animation to SMtrannies

The best media rivalries always are between males.

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Lucario's boyfriend was watching from the stands
Defeat was not an option

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Can you confirm me if Cynthia decided not to retire from Pokemon Battles after Ash defeated him?

It makes sense I just wanted to see Cynthia lose her fans are annoting cope


Can we give it up for Announcerbro? He’s really been able to keep these battles hype with the commentary

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