New Chainlink Thread

some schizo in is ruining the thread

new link bread please discuss LINK

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xrp is far better we actually have a swift partnership

you have a containment thread for a reason


You opened a Chainlink thread just to yap about XRP.

You have a containment thread for a reason

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how does it feel being this far behind?

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Because xrp is fucking garbage, what else is there to say.

My main concern atm is I might not get to stake in v0.1. I have a lot of Link and have held since ICO but if I can't stake in V0.1 then it's likely I'll be unable to stake in v1.0 either and will have to wait for 2.0 which could be quite a time.
I sincerely do not want this to be the case. Anyone got thoughts? I will ignore fud posts.

You may not get to stake in V0.1 but why wouldn't you be able to stake V1.0? V1.0 will allow more than the original allocated 75 Million Links to be staked.

swift was made by LINK

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Based jevons paradox appreciator poster

>why wouldn't you be able to stake V1.0?
From the roadmap blog:
"The initial staking pool in v0.1 will be capped in size, offering distinct allotments to node operators, community members, and the coordinator of oracle networks. The pool will start with an aggregate size of 25M LINK tokens, with the planned goal of scaling to a pool size of 75M LINK tokens in the months after launch, based on demand."

There is more than one way to interpret this. One way might be that the 25M pool will only be for 'node operators, community members, and the coordinator of oracle networks' (none of which I am) and that this pool will be expanded to 75M for the same set of people. It doesn't state that it will be expanded to allow retards (of which I am one) to get involved.
I hope you're right and I can. Also, wtf is 'the coordinator of Oracle Networks'? Someone said on here they thought it might be Linkpool, but I've never heard them referred to in that way before.

You have a containment thread for a reason

The increase from 25M to 75M is included in V0.1. V1.0 I think opens it up to nearly all Link available on the market (perhaps not unlimited but certainly 100s Million of Link). I expect V0.1 to be about a year in length.

GNN - General Not Needed.

What do you think are the chances early holders are allowed to stake in 0.1?

By that I mean longterm holders, OGs etc

>I expect V0.1 to be about a year in length.
so next year?
this year only V0.1?

Even if I could stake in v0.1 I would wait until 1.0 for bugs to get ironed out

early "staking" applies to whitlisted nodes only
the one thing OGs will be able to enjoy is "chainlink alerters" which no one has a fucking clue what exactly is that
truly a slow exit scam

Ignore fud threads, guys. Don't engage.

>I need answers sirs
>noooooo not that kind of answers, I meant bullish copeposting

go back to your containment thread

I have no clue what this alerter thing is.
Do you send alerts when you see whales manipulating the price of ETH to suppress the price of Chainlink?

Or is it like a wage slave jobs making you look at pictures like the google verification every day to prove that you are a human being and doing something?
Will it make you look at charts and prices?

Will it be like being a PNK holder and becoming a jury?