Come one Cynthiabros. You knew that Leon was always the superior trainer...

Come one Cynthiabros. You knew that Leon was always the superior trainer. You can find solitude in the 2nd place- ups I mean 3rd place

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What will we do when leon jobs to Ash even though he used the gimmick on his ace? (unlike Cynthia whose shark had to be kept in base)

Whether he jobs or not you cynthiakeks are 3rd place. The debate is over lad

If Ash loses to Leon she might even be below Diantha. They better pray he wins

the rope

Kek, if he jobs then Cynthia confirmed > Leon

Diantha is absolute fodder, sorry

>Cynthia confirmed > Leon
>Despite Leon being in the final and Cynthia not
Absolute state of cynthiakeks

Leon is jobbing to Ash,'s plot armor. The status quo is the same.

And the rankings will just change next year anyway. The fun is in the game, not the numbers

The fact the Mega Chomp wasnt even defeated is very bad news for Leonkeks

Plot armor that protected him from Ash until now doesnt make him stronger than Queen ^^

nah hes not

>What will we do when leon jobs to Ash
After Leon lets Ash use every gimmick?

He gets 2nd place as the best of the world (previously 1st)
Nothing wrong with standing at the top 3

The debate won't be over until he actually defeats her on-screen (or beats Ash in the finals).

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There's no debate. She's never been noted as unbeatable, the best, infallible, or even notable amongst Champions. Even by your own metric, it can be said that Cynthia has no grounds to even be considered as near his capability unless she proves it on screen, which is to say that there's nothing to support the idea of your waifu being anything more than we've seen on screen: third wheel in the world ranking this season and, hypothetically, third place AT BEST last season. Leon hasn't left first from the beginning.

They never battled, therefore no evidence of him being stronger. Lol at you assuming she competed the previous season. She doesn't have to be noted as 'unbeatable' since she's the strongest trainer in her region. It's a given she never lost until the main protagonist showed up. Your ugly pajeet is a failed shill-character that will lose one of his two 'character traits' in a couple of episodes. Basically the human Zoroark.

Your average coping Cynthia simp, everyone. Enjoy the frustration of knowing that she's a failure. You and your ilk have earned it.

>ugly pajeet
He's the handsomest of handsome characters in pokemon. YOU wish you had his jawline. Fucking pedo

I enjoy knowing she'll always be one of the most popular characters in the franchise while your ugly shitter will be forgotten in less than two months.
What jawline are you talking about, faggot?

Your guy is blowing a 5-0 lead to an NFE on its last legs.
It took two fully evolved mons AND a double gimmick to defeat Cynthia.
You tell me; Which one looks like a stronger way to go out?