I lost 400k in unrealized gains this year AMA

I lost 400k in unrealized gains this year AMA

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What did you learn from this experience? Ive never even sniffed 400k. Can't imagine that loss

I lost 700k and losing more thanks to my gambling addiction AMA

I have learned to take unrealized gains at cycle top and DCA the dips

LONG the bottom 30x with 200k before fed pivot, that's what I'm going to do with 50k

I missed on cashing out $1.3M because I fell for the hodl meme. I learned to take profit.

Good luck lmao

Absolute rookie numbers

Same here lmao

Never trust anyone and always take profits no matter how small the gains might be

yup same

Wah join the club retard betcha won't make it back


bitch i lost 600k foh

We all did user. 10k LINK stack is the minimum requirement to be taken seriously on Any Forums.

This is pussy shit. You will literally never make it with this mentality. Take profits occasionally, yes, but taking small profits because your portfolio went up a tiny bit and you dont want to lose it is microdick energy. Its a sure fire way to invest your way to owning a seiko sport watch kek.

down 400k too

only have 50k left in doge and a 60k car. everyone still thinks i made it

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Say it with me
>internet funny tokens isn't real money


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That will be 40k in taxes goy

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>unrealized gains

so you "lost" nothing. you never had it.

Do you hold Chainlink? Kek


Sell doge, buy 50% link at bottom, long 20x with other 50%

brainlet detected

And still richer than you