Let the coping and seething begin

Let the coping and seething begin.

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>cynthiafags unironically thought their waifu would beat Ash when he still had to fight Leon

Dogshit bait thread
Well OF COURSE she lost
He's the main character, nobody is surprised
It's expected and accepted and a simple necessity to forward the plot
Cynthia is perfect and this only proves the plot needed her nerfed in order to """lose"""" so it doesn't actually count as a loss

Mental gymnastics, full on here.
Autism level of contradiction too.
>OF COURSE she lost, but also she is perfect and she didn't actually lose, because.... ummmh mmmh eh, she was nerfed, yeah that's right, garchomp had a bad back, that's also, otherwise she would've won.

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Cynthiafags on suicide watch.

You are delusional

>n-no, you're mad a-and seething, because i'd be a seething mad cumskull if it was me"
Anyone who didn't unfderstand Ash was going to win and re-ignite Cynthia's passion for battling is SEVERELY underage and needs to fuck off now. There never was hope for any other outcome, as the anime's been pretty fucking consistent with Ash being an instrument of renewal over the years and the whole story centering around his desire to re-battle Leon.

Your words not mine, all I did was give some visual context to what is happening inside your and cynthiafags numbskull right now.

Go back to your minecraft youtubers, 12 year old.

Someone is seething.

Yeah Ashfags since they'll never know an actual real earned victory

The delusion on this one.

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I've known since three months ago what Ash's M8 bracket was going to be, as I saw the leaks and didn't disregard them, especially when Ash was revealed to fight Steven, as the leak said (Steven, Cynthia and Leon was his tourney path, fucking shocking he beat Steven and Cynthia in the aired episodes t face off against Leon).
I'm not a manchild or a self-inserter, I can handle the MC beating characters I like, as it's like wrestling - beating the game names won't harm their star power none, but beating Ash too soon WILL harm his perception (eg, loses to any in the QF bracket, he's a shitter, loses to any in the SF bracket we get to here XYgotes cry "meme leage winner, kek". That he's not going to up and vanish win lose or draw means they can take that extra few episodes to build him up further to the point where a loss elevartes him instead of squashing him and pissing in his mouth while he's down there.

Can you animefags stick to your containment thread? No one cares if you're obnoxious ashime protagonist beats a character from the games.

Are you faggots seriously treating the ashime as canon? Its a tired old cartoon that's long since past its expiration date and the only ones who even give a shit about it these days are boomers and fujoshits.

Does the fact Game Freak consider it canon to their world piss you off that much, you need to lie and headcanon the franchise to suit yourself?

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its not cannon

This means Cynthia doesn't enjoy ice cream, and the Loli version you were serviced is also not canon.
All or nothing. Masuda's word is law.

A man goes to the Pokemon Center. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel and 2022 is depressing. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where everybody is against him, his favorite trainer and no one believes his headcanons. Nurse Joy says, "Treatment is simple. The delusional Cynthiafags are in town tonight. Go and see them. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But Nurse Joy…I am one of those delusional Cynthiafags."
Arts when?

Of course not, a cannon is a weapon that shoots iron balls or grapeshot, like an oversized primitive handgun.
The games and anime are canon to each other, however.

Good. Everything plays out as it should.