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Literally the goal of four contestant in the Masters 8

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So are you saying there way no way in hell Alain, Iris OR Steven couldn't beat Lance? Only Diantha?

If it turns out cynthia actually wins and all these leakers have been wrong, can we even trust a leak ever again?

Even is Cynthia is losing today to somebody who might beat Leon, she still went down like a fucking champ and would never go out like Diantha. Top four my ass


Better not to fsll into the bait of Diantha vs. Alain.

It is just the same aron who claims Iris >> Diantha to make Cynthia better, and now he drag Alainfags into this war to prove “Iris >> Diantha so Cynthia looks better

AlainCHAD here

I just wanted him to fight Ash properly.

>trusting leakers
You don't "trust" a leaker, user. You run with whatever they say and shitpost for shits and giggles, no matter the outcome.

I'm not sure Leon-shilling is TPCi's directive or the directors of anipoke are openly gay as fuck

Iris is the weakest one. This is canon and undeniable

We should've gotten GigaGon instead of dumb Kairyushitter

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Cynthia would have never went out like Diantha did with Leon and you know it. I was not the one who propped Iris up.

You don't want to compare Alain? Fine. Let's talk about the top four and would Cynthia ever go out like that?

You have been spamming. This stupid thread. For over 8 weeks now with your stupid Iris propaganda.


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It all comes down to Leon.

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>shitpost for shits and giggles
Have you seen /padt/ lately? No one "shitpost for shits and giggles". All of them are dead serious. /padt/ is a literal cesspool ever since M8

>proves herself the strongest trainer of 3 (three) (tres) (三) regions
>becomes the top 4th strongest trainer in the world
>hurts the UNBEATABLE, UNDEFEATED Champion of the World's ace in its strongest form the most and overpowers its two strongest moves
>all of this, while only being a trainer as a hobby in her spare time
>makes shounentards seethe endlessly
How does she do it?

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>Cynthia would have never went out like Diantha did with Leon and you know it
Yes, Leon's the strongest after all :^)

Iris did better against number two as number 7 than Diantha did against number one as number 4. Think about that. They could have at least let Diantha take out three of his Pokemon without revealing the other two but didn't even do that.

She was never on par with Cynthia, Leon or Ash and that's why she removed immediately

> Iris did better against number two as number 7 than Diantha did against number one as number 4.


So you're saying no matter how strong Leon was/is he's sweeping her entire team minus Garchomp with the monkey and no gimmick?

Meds, now.

Moot wants the world to burn

>admitted he's a Cynthiacuck
too easy

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