I lost? ... I don't believe it. There must be some mistake

> I lost? ... I don't believe it. There must be some mistake...

> I won't concede this. I might have lost, but you're still not ready for the Pokémon League. I know. You should take the Dragon-master challenge. Behind this Gym is a place called Dragon's Den. There is a small shrine at its heart. Go there. If you can prove that you've lost your lazy ideals, I will admit you are a Trainer worthy of a Gym Badge!

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Fuck you I'm calling the police

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I like the extra tilesets, story additions, and music Crystal added. People say it's the worst third version, but it already had a solid base in GS, and went above and beyond to create the ultimate Pokémon experience.

>the worst third version,
to be fair its exactly because GS was so good already that Crystal is considered the worst third version. Crystal was more like GS+ than a true third version nearly all the changes are aesthetic-wise and even the added Suicine stuff is minimal. Crystal was only "worth it" if you didn't get GS already but most Pokefans had GS already. Also, it was only playable of the Game Boy Color and released when Pokemania was basically dead so it got stuck with the "worst selling game" moniker so salesfags get to shit on it.

Also, most third versions change gym leader teams and change encounter tables but for some odd reason Crystal is the only one that does, despite those two things being the only things that arguably "needed" to be changed from GS.

Crystal did change encounter tables, more drastically than Emerald actually.

Stupid Sexy Crybaby

ok just watched this youtube.com/watch?v=TWsUMbJAuAY and your right (though admittedly the encounter tables seem like lateral change anyway). But Crystal added a lot more things to like the stones and Battle Tower an even a move tutor. Shame it doesn't get more appreciation.

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embarrassing pose to go with an embarrassing outfit.

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Fuck you cunt give me my badge

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>Whitney cries and throws a tantrum after you beat her
>Jasmine sends you on a dumb quest before you battle her
>Clair sends you on a dumb quest after battling her to get her badge
>Meanwhile male gym leaders just battle you and give you badge, no bullshit or drama

What's wrong with female Johto gym leaders?

All your Pokemon are fainted. You have nothing to protect you. Give me my fucking badge or I'll have my ampharos fry you.

Fitting Dragon trainers would behave like royalty.

Art imitates life, dealing with women was always a pain