Pre-order of BDSP gets you all these rare balls

>Pre-order of BDSP gets you all these rare balls
>Pre-order of SV is just some fucking potions and revives
Anyone else feeling insulted?

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if retarded colored balls make your estrogen flow harder, that's still offensive

If I was a 6 year old kid I would randomly throw the balls and waste them.

Having these are more useful so I don't throw the game against a wall when I'll lose to a level 7 Lechonk.

my hope is that this means the johto balls won't be arbitrarily limited for muh trade economy in SV

No, because the BDSP preorder was the ONLY way to get those balls in the game, which was shit. Even the gacha RNG garbage in SWSH is better than that.

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why does gf insist on making these pieces of shit so rare
they know how autistic people are over them. the gts is clogged with aprimons asking for legendaries, they baited players into participating in SM's plaza missions with them after the first few missions failed to reach their target, they brought back the ability to make them in IoA except they require 4 apricorns per ball for a 1% chance of making an apriball and a 0.1% chance of making a safari or sport ball. the jp pokemon center even released a balltism merch line that included moon ball umbreon, luxury ball mimikyu and master ball mewtwo.
I don't even mind that they're hard to get but the cram-o-matic rates were pure bullshit considering it was DLC
they might as well give the player a random apriball for hitting a 200+ streak in sv's battle facility

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Pre-order bonuses being worthless fucking junk is a good thing. Stop preordering games. The only thing better than potions and revives would be nothing.

Pre-ordering games made sense in the days of physical media when there was a very real chance that your local game store might not have enough copies in stock to meet demand and you might not get the game for days or possibly weeks

Pre-ordering a game that's in beta so you can get early access, help test shit, give feedback, or just experience a thing while it's being built makes sense. It's not for everyone but some people enjoy doing this, as a sort of community participation.

Preordering a mainline pokemon game is pants on head retarded

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Pkhex them in, apricot balls as a bonus is an insult anyway. They should've been readily available/ craftable in every gen after X & Y

Eww, are those egg sacs? That's absolutely disgusting