Relooking at Sheik, I couldn't help but notice this pattern

Relooking at Sheik, I couldn't help but notice this pattern.
>scarf over the face
That's the way Shit'n'tendo represents trannies, if not even an asiantranny thing.

If there was one last doubt that Grusha was a tranny, now it's gone

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But Sheik's a girl though.

Larping as a male. Link is a male, larping as a girl, Grusha is a male that looks like a female. Trannies.


>trannies trannies trannies trannies trannies

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"noooo you can't mock the faggotry of institutions, it means you care about trannies boohoo:'(((("
Weak attempt, tranny


Grusha isn't a tranny cause he's male and is referred to as such. He's not in denial, he's just pretty

Good and based, I wish all the pokecuties were explicitly cute trannies with little bulges and perky tits for the MC to fuck anally

schizo post

No such thing as a "pretty" male trannymerican. Them not respecting the pronouns is the only way they'd family friendly push trannies into the children's games. Otherwise they'd need a dialogue expliciting that he "was a male" before.

moreover all tranny characters have been "misgendered", as modern trannies like to say, by Nintendo. Because that's how you tell the public it's a tranny and push the agenda.

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you are schizophrenic

Why do you have trannies on the brain faggot
Rent free

You are a negro.

"w-WhY you think about trannies it means you care about them :'''(((( you can't insult trannies otherwise u careee!!!11"
Weak attempt, tranny subhuman. Last time I heard weak attempts like these was in literal kindergarten. I know you trannies stop growing due to your destroyed hormones and genetics, but geez ,try.

> Be Op
> Don't know what a trap or bishounen is.
> Don't know about Japanese culture and history.

take your meds faggot.

I will never take your deforming drugs, subhuman abomination.

Good thing I don't know about chink LGBT trash. I do know they're the ones known to be trannies and even worship trannies since antiquity, that's enough

. Nintendrones shivering. They weren't kidding when they used to bully retards for playing Nintendo by saying they're gay

Two of these are not, in fact, trannies. It's called disguises.
By that logic, the third one, Grusha, has no basis on being a tranny either.

Holy shit does every fucking thread today have to be derailed by some schizo groyper faggot obsessing over Trannies?

I'm dissident right wing but this is truly unbearable.

"i-ItS Not a TraNnY, ItS A TranSveStOte"
Wow tranny... such cope.

>"dissident right wing"
Nice joke amerimutt. Time to eat your burger and "relax" on the "chill" television.

There's no other threads about trannies faggot, what are you smoking? Stop defending Gamefreak's judaism like a good amerikike, goyim.