Yes we need to create the ugliest female character

>yes we need to create the ugliest female character

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And thus, user's favourite female character was created

she's not even the ugliest female brown champion

that greedent enjoying his eating is a cute boy

>and as much as they try they still haven't topped Cynthia

In ugliness? Yeah, I guess you're right.

wrong pic guys

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Doesn't look bad in the art, tho

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my question is why. why do sv's characters need to look so ugly and weird. don't they want to sell merchandise

I'm really not getting this meme, she looks alright. A bit creepy in her art, but looks fine in the actual game.
Now is legit ugly, just a shittier Plumeria with a retarded fashion sense

Olympia 2.0

They are mad because of what happen to gen 8 characters (thousand of porn for each female and thousand of fujo art for the males), so they try to make their character ugly so that it doesnt happens again

idk but its nintendo thing is happening every nintendo franchise lately

they went full tumblr with the designs

Rosa exists

Homo or f*male?

You're adorable

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Silly OP, you were supposed to post Misty.

leon exist

worse, tranny