What would a Canada region be like?

What would a Canada region be like?

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definitely better than shitnova.

There isn't anything in Canada that doesn't already exist in the US. It's a nation of cucks, both geographically and politically.

americoid seething

>evil team is Muslims instead of christians
>but it's the first time the evil team is considered good
>story is about the "genocide" of browns by queen Elizabeth II
>every character is brown and feminine
>Main character is a black Muslim by default
>Map is huge, but every 2 squares of game you have to buy a very pricy loiscence that you gotta farm periodically
>pokemon are all from other cultures and continents cause Canada has 0 culture

Here's your Canada pokemon bro. Pokemon black and pokemon brown

A city in the region that is weirdly into Kalos, and act as if their in Kalos. Everywhere else, especially further toward the west of the map somewhat frustrated at the amount of pandering to Kalosians. The region is somewhat identical to Unova, but cold and largely uninhabited outside of cities and their greater areas. There are like, three different moose pokemon, one of them a pseudo.
It would be a pretty boring region, as it wouldn't be particularly popular with Canadians who, you know, LIVE in Canada. And nobody from any other country would find any novelty in it that wasn't put into Gen 5 games.

>no argument

euthanasia speedrun any%

Even Canadians don't believe this lol


cold and wet

every route is either raining or snowing

You go to the pokemon center to heal your team and instead your save is deleted

Canada is very milquetoast. As an American, the only things I think of when someone says "Canada" are
>fir trees
>maple syrup
>Oh Henry's, a candy bar, being made by Hershey (An American chocolate company), where as Oh Henry's in America are made inexplicably by Nestle. The Canadian ones are better.

Canada's too big for a single region. You could probably get away with like an Alberta/BC/Yukon region, and maybe the east coast + Ontario and just ignore Sask and Manitoba like people do IRL anyway

stuff the arctic into a postgame/dlc area

pretty sure those shipping lanes are international waters. Not Canada.

I have this picture on my credit card

>1200+ violent riots over some loser nig dying from a drug overdose.
Yea leaffags are the cucked ones

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