Appreciation thread

Can we give it up for them? Despite their inorganic nature they fit right into the universe and really take advantage of the game's themes fleshing them out. People only seem to remember Mewtwo's plot when that's merely one permutation of larger ideas that permeate the entire game.

Certainly beats taking a random everyday object, give it a face and say it's possessed by a ghost.

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I prefer the ghosts or the mysterious space ray lore of Baltoy Deoxys etc

These are some of my favourite mon's. Does anyone else like using evil team themes on their plays?

No. I hate themed teams and monotype teams. I just use whatever I think looks cool.

user, they DO look cool

I miss when pokemon was a little more gritty and grounded

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this but unironically

Luke when Mewtwo fucking murdered Fuji in the cartoon.


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I will usually have always one of these in my team.

I have this 3 year old Crystal save with 300 hours. In my initial run I had a Porygon on the team which once I reached Kanto evolved into a Porygon 2. I also had a Crobat in the same team.

I had to ditch the Porygon 2 though, because I found out my friend who I would battle eventually also had a Porygon 2. And I could not accept that I had a Pokemon he had so I replaced it. I loved the Crobat when it was a Zubat and a Golbat. But I fell out of love with it once it became a Crobat so I replaced it as well.

Now my friend wants a rematch when I completely destroyed him 3 years ago. And I'm replacing one of my current Pokemon with a Magneton, so I finally have one of the pic rel pokes in my team.

>Another cherry picked thread


Would you like to cherrypick the other gen 1 objectmons so you can show him who's boss?

>loved the Crobat when it was a Zubat and a Golbat. But I fell out of love with it once it became a Crobat
You are a man of culture. Fuck crobat for ruining my boy

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What's being cherrypicked here? I don't get it

Crobat is a friendship evolution and it looks like it could be the final evo of a devilgotchi. It's pure Soul

>friendship evolution
Holy cringe

A silence that speaks volumes

>t. rocket grunt

I miss when there were no pokegods

Porygon is one of my favorite pokemon.
I wish they did more things like it. Even let those alternative things evolve with the disk.

I hope that porygon will be in the new game. I was lucky enough to catch a shiny one in Legends and would love to pass it over.

Now that I think about it. Is she the only Pokemon to get two non level up evolutions?