Sugimori: The technique I often use when finishing up designs for Pokémon is to “keep the balance...

>Sugimori: The technique I often use when finishing up designs for Pokémon is to “keep the balance.” I might try adding something uncool to a Pokémon that is too cool, or I might add something cheerful to a Pokémon that is too serious. I spoke about making friendly designs earlier, but what I actually do is take something cool and make it less cool.

Whats so uncool about this one? Its the living embodiment of coolness from top to bottom

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What's uncool about it is that it was made specifically to appeal to furfags.

The large head, I guess. On the tiny torso, it's more cute than cool.
Maybe even the tiny stick feet.

the big knees probably
guess they didn't realize those are fucking cool

don't be dumb, user

so that quote tells us Sugimori didn't design it.

design philosophy changes over time, these seem like wish fulfilment for the mega man artist

I keep checking his twitter every day in hopes for seeing a fanart but nothing so far

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I actually like that it’s edgy and over designed.

The legs? It has no hands? I seriously don't know. I think it's super cool all around.

The fact it has no hands is just going to make it more endearing to people who want to babysit it for being handicapped.

It looks like shit, plain and simple

The blades aren't attached to the hands and the design is too simplistic to have cool complexity.

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The thing I dont like its the sword hands. If it was like Armarouge with "hands" and the swords coming out from gauntlets it would be perfect

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Round shapes

Personally, I find it uncool that it seemingly can't deactivate its arm blades. And, even if it can, it's actual 'hands' are still just blades. Even Bisharp has actual digits that can grip things. Ceruledge hands are more like a Powerpuff Girl's only pointy.

Not the first shitty digimonlike design over the years. Probably not the last

It's Scarlet counterpart is the uncool part.

Well if Pokemon is going to rip off Digimon designs maybe Digimon should rip off making billions of dollars.

Chibi Knight. Best Pokemon design since Greninja.

He literally says in the quote it's a technique he 'often' uses and the uncool thing is just an example. Idk why everyone clings to this like it's gospel and has to apply to every single design. He's talking about balancing designs so the serious/cool ones aren't too edgy or unappealing to kids.

Based leg shield chad.

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>The eyes
>the power ranger like helmet
>the ponytail,
>the loin cloth
>the fishing bib
>Chibi-like proportions
Pick one

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