Chadrizard the Lizardon!!!

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More like LOOSErdon

Dude, choose a better nale than Charizard the Charizard for your dang OC

Charizard? You mean THE Charizard from Kanto?

The very Chadrizard the Lizardon from Kanto!

GOT named a dragon, Drogon.
If it's good enough for the most famous TV show of all time, why is it not good enough for me?

You post this every day. Stop.

where's the genwunner daddies?
hoennbaby here waiting to get pound--err handled.

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it's not Ivysaur or Goodra so it's ok to be spammed all the time

Really? Didn't watch GOT so didn't know, but still, you can do better than that.

Cute belly

Worst Lizardon. Ash should've dropped the pokeball in the ocean after the Ritchie battle.

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This is a Lizardon board.

Well, I named mine Charm.

I adore Lizardon!

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Cute name.


He's not just a fire-breathing lizard monster..He's a FLYING fire-breathing lizard monster?

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remove shitzard and Pikancer and this picture will be a masterpiece

>Imagine letting a Pokemon's popularity determine whether you like it or not

>Ash has effectively the shittiest and weakest Charizard in the show
>still better than a "Champion-level trainer's" Jobbernite

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