Prove you're not a mindless hater

Prove you're not a mindless hater.
Name one good thing about the newer games.

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Overworld encounters.
All but the retarded boss fights.
The trailers let you see is so shit you can just skip it without FOMO.

Corviknight was cool and the QoL improvements were nice.
Pla was a bumbling mess but at least it tried something new.
BDSP gave people exactly what they asked for.


Zacian and zamazenta are the best legendary duo we've gotten in years
FUCK your dumb overdesigned digimon. What the fuck am i looking at with this?! I want simple legendaries back!

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SwSh: Eternamax/Gigantamax
Ptsd: nothing. trash
Legends: gameplay/lore

>the same generic wolf but one is holding a sword and the other is shaped like a shield

>FUCK your dumb overdesigned digimon.
I agree

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>bird having feathers makes it overdesigned
based retard

i want less and skmllxd:) minimal. i WILL eat the bugs

I really like Dragapult and Pokemon Company. Cute girls that don't constantly resort to porn levels of booba.

"and Pokemon Company has good designs for the humans"

Sword and Shield was fun.
I don't play spinoff remake

>Prove you're not a mindless hater.
Why, people hate on older games at the time, why should new games get undeserved praise.


BDSP are unsalvageable and their only redeeming factor is serving as a platform for unity romhacks.

PLA is great though, if a little ugly. First game since ORAS that makes hunting and documenting Pokemon feel immersive and comfy, instead of just sleeping and chucking balls ad infinitum.

PLA is the best game in the series since Gen 5

SWSH and BDSP are still dogshit but the good thing is that they caused the fanbase to finally tell Gamefreak to go fuck themselves, no matter what the shills and Joe Merrick says, they were %100 affected and is the reason PLA is so good and SV will be too.

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Gym battles felt grand
Seeing pokemon in the overworld and being able to have your party outside of their balls together
The underground fixing the pokemon availability issue original dp had

expansion pass is way better than a 3rd version
the whole concept was fun and have the best caching aspect of the franchise
I can't stand the overworld design so i give up before the first gym

SV will be shit.
PLA is the best yes and is the only worthwhile game to play nowadays.

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I only played PLA
I liked the new Hisuian forms, they're the best set of regional forms