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r8, h8, mastrub8

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>Armarouge and Ceruledge get 5/5
>The fucking bread dog gets -20/5
>Everything else is 1/5
Simple as.

all look like shit

based megaman enjoyer

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i only like the knights.
the legendaries are the worst things ever.

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This is the only take that makes sense, Pokemon is not a place for megaman rejects.

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>"woke design"
what did he mean by this? it is a horrendous design, though, easily the worst of the generation

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With the excuse of painting/graffiti they paint the trees with the transformer flag colors and try to pass it as non political.

lol this is some serious rent free shit.

Oma Forest, real place.

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Here's my opinion. Everyone else who disagrees is wrong naturally.

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>tranny duck
why doesn't the ESG fags just fuck off already

Legendaries and knights: 5
Cetitan lizard and crab and monke: 3
Others: dont care NFE shitmons

Based. Fuck faggots.

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that's the excuse retard.

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