The great filter

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Cetitan is peak pokemon design.
Monstrous, weird, loosely based on an animal but abstract enough that it becomes unique and original.

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Yes. Whales filtrate krills from water. What's your point?

I don't like the weird spike lips but otherwise good

Deserve a big hug (not that big for it since it's really big)

>a whale but with legs

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Only if it got Filter as an Ability, otherwise it's Mega-Aggron or the Mimes.

They're the best part of the design. They're based on a narhwal's horn, which is actually an overgrown tooth protruding from its upper lip. Without them, Cetitan would just be a boring featureless landwhale.

It would be good without the eyeshadow, I doubt its female only

Is more Cetus than actual whale, therefore based

The purple is a bit tacky but otherwise it's a s tier monster design.

It's shit, jim.

Cetitan is a narwhal? I assumed the spikes were meant to resemble whale barnacles.

yep, based monster enjoyer

Ah, nice to see other cultured anons.

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the art makes him look too round. I'd like to see him at a different angle

Should've been water/steel, or at least water/ice. As pure ice it's doomed to be pure shit forever.

>Is a landdwelling sea creature like Garchomp
>Is arguably designed or themed after a weapon like a Water starter (resembles a club with spikes)
>Physical attacker that may be like a wrestler
>US and Japanese names are basically "Cetacean Titan" or "Hulk Whale" respectively

What's not to like?

If it has good stats then it'll be fine while Terastallizing is around, but once the next generation of games rolls around it'll be dropped by everyone.

I like Cetitan but
>Is arguably designed or themed after a weapon like a Water starter (resembles a club with spikes)
cringe patternfag
>Physical attacker that may be like a wrestler
How the fuck is it going to wrestle anything? It got fucking flippers. More than likely it will be based around ramming into things with its huge ass spikes.

i agree, but i prefer the knights. cetitan, armarouge and ceruledge are the only pokemon of the gen i like so far