Thoughts on this team for Misty?

Thoughts on this team for Misty?

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>Pseudo for the 2nd Gym
Fanfic tier team

Some justifications:
>Lots of weather to teach the player about weather since it's an early game boss
>Dratini isn't found in the water until much later in the game, gives players something to search for
>You can get Bellossom at level 21 if you use a stone as soon as it evolves into Gloom, this teaches the player evolution stones, cute hula vibe fits misty IMO

>thunderbolt on 2nd gym
>4 pokemon on 2nd gym
>super rare dragon-type pseudo that was supposed to be saved for the one dragon type user in the game on 2nd gym
>random fully evolved gen 2 pokemon on 2nd gym
>held items on every pokemon in non-rematch team

r/PokemonROMHacks is that way.

nooo you dont understand!!!! for pokemon period blood red, ive given every gym leader, e4 member, evil team miniboss, and most random route trainers fully kitted out smogon teams to increase the difficulty of the game for HARDCORE NUZLOCKES!!!!!! there are helpful nps to allow you to customise evs at will, and ive increased the difficulty of trainer fights accordingly, meaning every fight becomes an unfun, soulless prepfest as you just calc out whatever mons you have that can beat the fanfic meta teams, rare candy them up, and repeat. its ok though! while it might sound like this ruins the game, it actually doesnt, as ill market it as QoL!!!! also, all 8 gens of pokemon are in, in a region that was designed to support one gen - this means every route is disgustingly bloated, but ill claim the ridiculously diluted encounter odds for each pokemon lead to runs being unique instead of ACK- nowledging how this just forces you to reset over and over for optimal encounters since the difficulty of my fights are poorly balanced. actual QoL? whats that? of course you still have to use cut on every fucking route! its ok though, ive groomed minors from the discord communities of several of my favourite pro nuzlockers, so expect to see this shitty romhack everywhere for the next month, as clout is far more important than making something actually good

Looks like a fun battle

>noo why are the games so easy noo gyms MUST have shitmons and only 3 usable moves!!!

wahhh my rules

>t. sonichu lore enjoyer

>t. faggot

nice pasta

You wanna know what I think? It's shit. First of all, you don't have a single mon after Gold and Silver which is gay and soulless and whatever other word's on the tip of my tongue. Second, where THE FUCK are the last 2 Pokemon? Every professional hack is supposed to have a full team of 6. That's like the golden rule! Third, Starmie should have Nasty Plot. I know it's not a move it's supposed to know but imagine the epic zoomed in reaction my favorite dum dum with a camera will make when he and his girlfriend see this. I'm extremely disappointed in you OP, I was expecting a masterpiece. Something I would consider "god tier" but you're more like "poo poo tier". Go to the corner and think about what you did.

>rain and sun
pick one
replace with lombre
get rid of it unless your hack has fairies or early ice types

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Why would a Water gym leader want to run Sun?

A lot of emphasis on weather, but to not make things too complicated, stick with only rainy conditions and replace the middle two with Pokémon who benefit from that condition.

Why would you put hail on her team when all of her pokemon are damaged by it, and none of them have any benefits from hail?

Thunderbolt on starmie is a bit much but it’s a solid team. Bellosom is trash so it doesn’t feel unfair, dratini is piss weak enough but resists all three starter types of which is good

This is all fucking retarded. If you want to make Misty's battle difficult and give players something to go look for just give her a fucking Gyarados, those fuckers evolve at level 20.

You can stop samefagging any time, OP.

I hate rpgs
I want them to be easy

its a dratini nigger, with HAIL
in what world is this a strong pokemon

>pick one
you're missing the point
>replace with lombre
you're missing the point again
>get rid of it unless your hack has fairies or early ice types
In what world do you need super effective attacks to kill a dratini, just use tackle

>you're missing the point
Then what IS the point of having Hail and Sun on a Water gym team?

>you're missing the point
What point?

People are putting way too much emphasis on the Dratini. Pretty much every pseudo is outright garbage in their first stage, like worse than basically anything else aside from baby Pokemon.