Latinx bros

Latinx bros...

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hostia Jitmonli ha usado contador
ha sido la caña
menudas piñas, a que os mola?

Maximum penis lol

I don't get it

I like all three
French names are nice too

Imagine Harry Potter was called Bob McDouglas in the US version

im not latinx, can someone explain?

yet another schizo thread on vee pee!

the ancestors part is true though, the spaniards didnt killed them and doomed us forever with inferior genes. If they had exterminated them we would probably be first worlders by now

Imagina ser un EOP

His name literally means maximum penis in spanish
Souce: I'm spanish

I don't get it

Spanish translators are autistic about translating absolutely everything and they translate things like names that many times sound HORRIBLE in spanish, specially when they do it literally, and should be left in English or whichever was the og language.
Pokemon moves names are also really stupid sounding in spanish... they are too literal, or they use strange slang or they just miss the original meaning completely.


you don't need to be latinx to understand. you're just a dumb american


The other day I read the list of abilities and their names in english and for example "Moody" should be "Temperamental", but the spanish used "Veleta" (the fuck is that?), "Klutz" is "Torpe" but they use "Zoquete", "Defeatist" in spanish should be the very similar "Derrotista"... they chose "Flaqueza" :facepalm:

Is this a schizo thread?

Why the word "latinx" make latinx seethe so much? It's like calling white people "white people", or calling niggers "niggers", or calling pajeets "pajeets". Are they all self-loathing? I know that latinx countries are all third rate shitholes but its not like they can't catch up with US or Europe in 100 years. It will happen someday so be proud of yourself, latinxbros.

Worse: a spaniard thread


"Latinx" was made by fat white liberal women who wanted a gender neutral version of latino and latina (even though latino actually works as that) because they wanted to feel better about themselves. The problem being spaniards think it sounds stupid as fuck.
T. an australian that lurked enough retarded spaniard threads to know.