Stat Changes to Improve Shitmons

It always pains me to see that some Pokémon are just doomed to be shitmons due to
>Horrible Stat Distribution
coupled with
>Typing that goes very much against said Stats
I've thought of a few mons that need a change to these factors (Not even a BST increase in most cases, just a switchup).
The most greivous example I can think of is Onix. It's a trade evolution, and didn't start off with an evolution, so has no reason to be this weak. I propose: The New Onix.
Base Stats:
>70 HP
>20 Attack
>90 Defense
>90 Special Attack
>20 Special Defense
>90 Speed
>385 Total (Unchanged)
Typing: Rock/Dragon
Ability: Intimidate/Sand Veil
Additional Level-Up Moves:
>Twister (Already learns this)
>Dragon Rage
>Dragonbreath (Already learns this)
>Power Gem
>Dragon Pulse
As should be obvious this turns it into a Special Attacker. Considering GF found it acceptable to give it such pathetic Attack, I find this appropriate.
Now, Onix still drops dead to any Special Attack, but now it can at least hit stuff. It's still physically tanky, but not in an overpowered way given the boosts to its other stats. Onix is also now speedy enough to hit most Ice Types with a Super-Effective Rock move.
I think Onix would be quite useful given these changes, and a lot more fun than the giant rock serpent being a complete pushover. Kanto would also receive a second Dragon-Type, which would be sensible since the region boasts a "Dragon" master in Lance.
I'll post more Pokémon in need of changes ITT.

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Another case: Parasect
In the original games, Psychic Types were quite overpowered, and had no real counters, as even Beedrill would simply be outsped and OHKO'd. Among the bug types of Gen 1, one stands out as particularly bad: Parasect.
Look at these Stats:
>60 HP
>95 Atk
>80 Def
>60 SpAth
>80 SpDef
>30 Speed
>405 Total
See, Parasect is slow, Parasect also has 2 4x weaknesses, Fire and Flying. This is fine, but Parasect doesn't counter anything. I propose to make it the Destroyer of Psychic types:
>50 HP
>114 Atk
>50 Def
>20 SpAtk
>50 SpDef
>405 Total
>121 Speed (1 more than Alakazam, Gen 1's fastest Psychic Type barring Mewtwo)
Typing: Bug/Dark (Mono-Bug in Gen 1)
Ability: Own Tempo/Shed Skin
Some Extra Level-Up moves:
>Pin Missle
>Fury Cutter
>Spider Web
>Bug Bite
>It already learns Spore, but it's worth mentioning since it can use it effectively now.
Parasect's defenses were already a joke, so it's worth sacrifing them to get the thing some real speed.

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The simplest fix I can think of is Ledian
>Bug/Flying (both primarily physical types)
>learns Punching moves and can have the ability Iron Defense
A nice Physical Attacker, huh?
>55 HP
>35 Atk
>50 Def
>55 SpAtk
>110 SpDef
>85 Speed
Now, there is a rumor that during Gold and Silver's development that Ledian's Special Defense and Attack were switched on accident. The fix here is as simple as switching them back. Now you have a mean (albeit frail) punching machine.

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Funny. I was just about to mention Parasect. I love Parasect from a design and lore standpoint and it can be pretty fun to use in single player with spore and effect spore but it's an utter joke in competitive. I like the idea of a glass cannon though I would personally make it part Ghost because of the fact the bug is dead and the mushroom has completely taken over though I don't know how effective that would be.

I suppose in Gens 3 and before, that would actually be better, as STAB Shadow Ball would mop the floor with Psychic Types, but the Dark Typing gives it a Psychic immunity, letting it switch in on say, an Alakazam, for free and mop the floor with it.

HP: 45 -> 75
Attack: 55
Defense: 45 -> 75
SpA.: 65
SpD.: 45 -> 75
Speed: 75 -> 110

BST: 330 -> 455

Now, at least, it can function as a decent hazard setter for lower tiers of play. Its support move pool is very nice (Memento, Spikes, Rapid Spin, Toxic, and Defog), but it doesn't have the stats to make use of it. It should also get Stealth Rocks, Toxic Spikes, and screens.

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One of the Pokémon done the dirtiest was Magcargo (a lot of Johtomons got screwed, come to think of it). Like Parasect, 2 4x weaknesses, and no speed to counterbalance it.
However, I propose a different way to help out the molten snail. Bulk, as well as an ability buff. He's a snail, so speed is thematically stupid.
Magcargo's default stats:
>60 HP
>50 Atk
>120 Def
>90 SpAtk
>80 SpDef
>30 Speed
>430 Total
Unlike the mons above, I think Magcargo's BST needs a buff, I'd say up from 430 to 500 would more than suffice:
New Stats:
>140 HP
>85 Atk
>90 Def
>90 SpAtk
>90 SpDef
>5 Speed (the snail is the slowest animal on Earth after all)
These stats are to give Magcargo the ability to take a hit much better, and beef up its STAB Rock Slide.
Magma Armor is unique to Magcargo and Camerupt, so buffing it won't make too many mons unbalanced. I propose this
>Immunity to Water-Type Attacks, if hit by a Water move, this Pokémon's Fire-Type moves increase in Power (like Flash Fire)
For moves, to give the snail a bit more coverage, its access to Poison and Psychic moves (Smog and Screens respectively) should be expanded.
>Sludge Bomb
With these changes, Magcargo could honestly be a beast...unless it gets hit by Earthquake, but every Pokémon should have a counter IMO.
I like it, the Santa bird putting out "Presents" (Hazards) is a great take on Delibird's theme. Hell, Present should, instead of sometimes healing the opponent, sometimes put a random entry hazard down instead.

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There's no reason for the Hitmons to have such low stats. They should all be at least 500.

HP: 60 (+10)
Attack: 125 (+5)
Defense: 83 (+30)
Special Attack: 35
Special Defense: 87 (old Speed stat)
Speed: 110 (old SpD stat)

HP: 60 (+10)
Attack: 115 (+10)
Defense: 94 (+20)
Special Attack: 35
Special Defense: 106 (-4)
Speed: 90 (+14)

HP: 60 (+10)
Attack: 105 (+10)
Defense: 105 (+10)
Special Attack: 35
Special Defense: 105 (-5)
Speed: 90 (+20)

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> a lot of Johtomons got screwed, come to think of
That’s because Game Freak either hates Johtomons or loves them the least. Johtomons used to be just fine compared to everything else, it’s just that they were the ones crushed by powercreep the most. Kantomons get first dibs on buffs, Hoenn mons tend led to get unique abilities and a bunch were saved by Megas. And mons from Sinnoh onward were optimized and perfect from the start. There are a few Gen2 mons that Game Freak lives enough to either make good from the start or give them cool things later on notable standouts being Tyranitar and Skamory, but for the most part Game Freak seems to hate Johtomons and their fans, reminder that even fucking Skarmory is struggling now because of Corviknight.

> Hell, Present should, instead of sometimes healing the opponent, sometimes put a random entry hazard down instead.
I always thought that Present should work like Pollen Puff, healing Allies (giving presents to good kids) and hurting enemies (giving coal to bad kids), but your idea is unique and interesting.

This next one took some creativity, but It was a super cool idea, but someone at Game Freak in charge of assigning stats and moves must have had a bad experience with alphabet soup: Unown
What were they even going for here? Garbage stats, one move, not even fast.
It stats currently stand at this:
>48 HP
>72 Atk
>48 Def
>72 SpAtk
>48 SpDef
>48 Speed
>336 Total
I choose to interpret Unown as a glass cannon, that as a gimmick, only gets one move.
Because you get it so early in its debut game, I'll only up it's BST to 425, which a random PokémonDB thread just told me is the average total for all Pokémon. I distributed them like so:
>60 HP
>40 Atk
>40 Def
>115 SpAtk
>40 SpDef
>130 Speed
Instead of Hidden Power, a new move will be introduced, exclusive to Unown: Runic Power.
>Psychic Type (To Give Unown STAB)
>75 Base Power
>100 Base Accuracy
The unique trait of this move is that it has a 50% chance to inflict a random status condition. Either Confusion, Poisoning, Sleep, Paralysis, or Freezing. Each has an equal 1 in 6 chance to occur)
Unown will also retain Hidden Power, except it will be hardcoded so that Unown can never roll Hidden Power Psychic. Unown's IVs will never match for HP Psychic.

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Nobody cares about your faggot LARP thread of BST changes that will NEVER happen.

Fuck you

Well, nobody asked (you). I made this thread in part hoping a prospective ROMHack maker might pick up an idea or two, as well as to shed some light on how GF hurt the potential of a lot of Pokémon.
Also you did care enough to reply (thereby bumping the thread), so thanks I guess.
What's your favorite Shitmon? Are you upset I haven't mentioned it yet? I can certainly think of a nice revamp.

>Lets go discordbro! You're so funny haha I wish I could be as funny as you!? HAHAHA I LOVE hating !!!

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>pic bitches about rock snake hitting less than a small tick
>lowers rock snake attack further

All onix needs is +10-20 health. Giving it a little more health or attack on top of that would help, but being mono-rock or something makes more sense than it being a dragon, unless you suggest arbok and other snake/reptile monsters need to have dragon subtyping "because".
It's also got eviolite syndrome, a meaningful buff to special defense would risk making it too bulky on both sides.
The smallest change to make Ledian better would be to give it an ability usually tied to an item effect, immediately thinking something like light clay that increases duration of those attacks, or shed shell along with another baton pass buff move.
Making it a hyper-offensive bug sounds awesome too, it's just a huge departure in design from what it's been for the past 20 years for me. Maybe a divergent evolution of some sort, regional or even ledyba stone-evo with a focus on being muscular would make more sense in my head.

I'm gonna stop fixing Johtomons for a second to talk about a Hoennmon, that I think could have been a great counterpart to my favorite Johtomon (Houndoom): Mightyena.
It's Stats
>70 HP
>90 Atk
>70 Def
>60 SpA
>60 SpDef
>70 Speed
Substantially better than the mons I've already talked about, yet still not great. Here's what I came up with. I call it: Physical Houndoom.
>75 HP
>110 Atk (Matches Houndoom's SpAtk)
>60 Def
>20 SpAtk (not raising its BST, gotta draw from somewhere)
>60 SpDef
>95 Speed (Again, matches Houndoom)
Mightyena gains a new Type, becoming Dark/Normal, this gives it a 2nd immunity (like Flash Fire Houndoom), and makes it not worthless in its debut Gen (pre Physical/Special Split)
For abilities, I'd actually take Quick Feet away, thereby guaranteeing any R/S/E or OR/AS player a guaranteed Intimidate user, first go.
Mightyena's movepool, especially by level-up, is quite shallow.
I say we give it:
>Crunch a bit earlier than level 47, let's go with 26
>Thunder Fang
>Fire Fang
>Ice Fang
>Poison Fang
>Dig so you don't have to burn a TM
Route 1 Pokémon can be powerful too. I mean, look at Staraptor.
Yeah, I had a poor choice in pics.
>Eviolite Syndrome
Ahh, that scared me, which is why I actually cut its Special Defense (45>20)
On your point about Dragon typing, I chose that for a few reasons.
>Onix looks badass enough to be a dragon
>Especially before Gen 6, Dragon Typing was pretty much universally a buff
>The Kanto dex had 1 (one) Dragon Pokémon. Dragonite's best stat is Attack, so a Special Attacking Dragon would be cool to see. (If memory serves me right, no fully-evolved Dragon Type had more Special Attack than Physical until Goodra, they were equal at best)
About your point on snake/serpent Pokémon, I WOULD disagree with you, but shit like Gyarados and Arbok are waaaaaaaaay to easy to get (especially Gyarados, and need buffs a lot less than Onix does (again, especially Gyarados).

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Just increasing a pokemon's stats or moving all the stats from their special attack to speed/attack is the most soulless way of improving a pokemon.

You're right, but between nu-mons being minmaxed and optimized and CHARIZARD getting more broken forms and an even better movepool, there isn't much else that can be done to fix shitmons. The closest thing was BDSP's dexcut due Gen5 onwards having the most overpowered mons, and even then there were still Pokemon who were so laughably shit that they couldn't do anything.

Unfortunately there's no really good way to solve this problem because you'd inevitably end up in a situation where most large Pokemon are stronger, which means you need to give them low speed for balance, which just puts even more stress on speed as the actual important stat.

Onix new stats
75 HP
75 Attack
160 Def
35 Spa
65 Spd
100 Spe
BST:510, same as Steelix. Now both the Metal Coat evos are a reshuffling of stats vs a pure stat upgrade.

Okay, I'll bite, I'll enhance one without any stat adjustments whatsoever.
The subject: Unfezant
>Great Stats (Picrel)
>Utterly shit movepool
>Meh abilities
So, let's give it some moves! Actually let's remove some first to make the learnset less cluttered.
From its Gen 5 Learnset we'll remove:
>Air Cutter
>Air Slash
>Razor Wind
By level-up, we'll add (not necessarily in order)
>Peck, replacing Gust
>Wing Attack, replacing Air Cutter
>Drill Peck, replacing Air Slash
>Brave Bird at Level 49, the same as Staraptor
>Double Kick
>Swords Dance
>Flame Wheel
By other methods (TMs, Tutors, Egg, whatever) we'll give this bird:
>Blaze Kick
>Zen Headbutt
>Aqua Jet (it already gets Rain Dance)
>Night Slash
Gives it variety and decent coverage, but no moves a bird couldn't do. These moves also lean into Unfezant's beastly Physical Attack.
For Abilities, GF gave Unfezant
>Big Pecks
>Super Luck
>Rivalry (Hidden)
Let's Switch that up a bit
>Hyper Cutter (Better Suits a Physical Attacker)
>Keen Eye
>Rock Head (Sounds stupid, but Hidden abilities are meant to be weird for the Pokémon to have, and I gave it Brave Bird AND Double-Edge.
There, I've created a monster without changing a single stat.
Ah, sounds like a nice idea. Kinda like Scyther, and pre Gen 5 it would be, however this user pointed out the problem - Eviolite Syndrome. Onix, with the Eviolite, would be bulkier than Steelix AND quite fast. Steelix would be practically irrelevant, but you are correct, that would certainly buff Onix.

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