Free fan made mods that allow you to play the superior version and add all/more pokemon into the game

>Free fan made mods that allow you to play the superior version and add all/more pokemon into the game.
And you bought it anyway? It's time to take the emulation pill, anons.

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You’re right. And no one’s gonna fight you about it

Is this another drayano?

It started as a remake of his Renegade Platinum but is growing to actually add the national dex and all Pokemon into the game.
I don't know how and if they'll pull that off but they showed some of them in-game on the discord.

Also this mod was made in under a year after the release date, I forgot to put that in the OP. But you're wrong, people will get mad and call me retarded

Consoomers will go to great lengths to defend the fact that they are getting an inferior experience and paying for it. The fact that emulator chads get to dab on them so hard fills them with rage.
If Stadium 1 and 2 actually end up launching with rentals only I'm going to post so many screencaps/photos of me playing the games properly on my emulation devices. I'm gonna go on a fucking rampage doing that.

BDSP will look like ass no matter what but looking at the changes it makes at least it seems engaging
Unity fuckery?

They're already working on proper models to eliminate chibishit, as well as properly scaled 'mon with fixed/added animations.

Why not play luminescent , which is a Switch port of renegade platinum, although it does have some s*y changes.

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What the fuck I actually thought that's what the OP one was. I now realize I have no idea there are two BDSP platinum hacks and I'm now very confused.

I thought there were plans to incorporate parts of one into the other.

I'm looking forward for these mods to be more finalized so I can replay BDSP.

into the trash it goes

No, the main guy behind sigma is not making it a difficulty hack. I think there might be some bonus postgame battles that might be "hard", but the main game is going to be on par with vanilla in terms of difficulty.

you're on Any Forums, you're already in the trash with them.

Wake me up when they manage to make HGSS for the switch.

Any Forums is pro trans!

Uhhhhhh the melonDS retroarch core kinda works I think? You can load up HGSS on that on a hacked Switch.
Otherwise you're sleeping forever, sorry.

BDSP is a lazy port done in unity. I'm sure with enough finagling they can port the HGSS maps to it. Hell, I saw a video of Johto in Mario Galaxy. If someone can do that, then BDSP should be easy enough to turn into HGSS.

With how many femboy threads there are littered across the site, it might as well be.

what changes are s*y?

I joined the discord and the rainbow colored moderators have pronouns in their names. Average discord joining experience for me.

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I got the emulators working a while ago but have never found a consistent source for game files. The main ones people reccomend are blocked by layers of ads and then don't work anyway half of the time.

Why would I want to emulate that?

You don't. You want to emulate Sigma Platinum. :)

More like Smegma Platinum

unless a gen 4 hack fixes the hm's and makes the game run faster i don't care.

it’s a hack of BDSP, retard

There's following platinum, you can make battles run faster
Sadly it added fairy type so it's easier

That's not lumi

Cosmetic changes like Arbok having different faces ala Spinda, Mewtwo wearing the movie armor and this mess of a Gengar
They're also trying to fully remove chibis from the game, which can ruin the artstyle depending on how they handle it

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Look what they did to my boy...

Good thing is it's just a special Gengar you encounter in the Chateau. Regular Gengar is the same


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My only gripe with the hack is the name given to it, personally would have called it Radiant Platinum to add more salt into the crapfest thats BDSP by having the hack match their naming conventions

>Arbok having different faces ala Spinda
This is soulful, but the rest sound gay.
>They're also trying to fully remove chibis from the game
Are there any chibi models that don't also have full-size ones?

I didn't buy it. In fact, I'm working on a Pokemon game now.
Rate my edited type chart?
Green means super effective, red means not very effective, black means 0x and Special Fighting beats Ghost but Physical Fighting does 0x to Ghost.

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