Shut the fuck up and witness Her

Shut the fuck up and witness Her

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Well she has a good argument

I would fuck her so hard.

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Witness this 6, faggot

man i want this to release so bad, I hope dawn guy drops it soon

Oh hey it's Jovi's girlfriend.


not my first choice for who should get a VN, but she is greatly underappreciated

Can you fuck her

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Who would be your first choice?

Roxie is kiiiinda popular so I'm not sure if shes truly underappreciated (every piece of fanart I've seen- usually a result of brew- has someone mention that she deserves more art)

full bias I'd probably go Lillie. As for more underappreciated characters I really like Valerie

Do you do the respectful thing and look away Any Forums, or do you risk an ass-kicking?

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brats are the worst personality type

>or do you risk an ass-kicking?
Don't threaten me with a good time

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Alright, I've witnessed her. What now?

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That's where the correction comes in.

no, that's where I ignore them and hope they go away

based. i'm not here to fix your shit personality.