This piece just beat Magmortar as the ugliest pokemon in the series

This piece just beat Magmortar as the ugliest pokemon in the series.

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This Pokemon needs a lot of design work, but fewer colors would even be a huge improvement.

The ugliest Pokemon is your mom

>based on Antifa
No shit.

Is it really? Didn't plan on using it either way

It's just a lemur, bro

>anywhere close to ugliest

no, it's one of the best designs and your taste is fucking shit, nigger.

it's japanese, isn't it rather just based on street punks/thugs in general, with the colored hands to relate to graffiti

So antifa got it

it's Spain, it's based on the average Spaniard punkfaggot that "gReW uP In Da StrEeTs"(they're drugged abominations)

>Cetitan showing its teeth

so spain have japanese warriors, arabian ladybugs, japanese sushies and le heckin jojo references

Not when Inteleon and Cinderace exist

That’s not graveler

>gReW uP In Da StrEeTs"
As a spaniard I can guarantee they are mostly rich kids living on daddy's money

most retards in south europe go to sushi restaurants instead of western restaurants cause "le exotic"


i don't blame you for forgetting bruxish exists but acting like anything is uglier than it is disingenuous

Sorry, Magmortar only held that title briefly, and I'm afraid these things still edge Grafaiai out. I don't blame you for trying to forget them though, Unova was very forgettable in general.

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oops wrong image, also meant to say Galar

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