What’s a pokemon you’d like to cuddle with while you take a nap?

What’s a pokemon you’d like to cuddle with while you take a nap?

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the warm, nice-smelling lizard

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>Emerald/UltraSun dex
Literally built for cuddling

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>thread gets ruined by coomers immediately

This cutie deserves all of the cuddles

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>ColdFox for summer
>HawtFox for winter
What do I win?

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What about spring and fall?

literally where

in his head

The Salazzle and Pheramosa are the only sussy ones.

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Get between them both and hug one depending on tonight's ambient temperature I guess…

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Fucking retard

You posted it

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this dude
we'll do more than just standard cuddles

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>Fire type
>not warm
She's a good lizzer.

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