What's the point of adding Stadium to the VC if you can only use rentals? At that point it's just a worse battle factory

What's the point of adding Stadium to the VC if you can only use rentals? At that point it's just a worse battle factory

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Based on the shilling on twitter and reddit a bunch of people are solely nostalgic for the minigames and for some reason bought this game without having the gameboy games so only played with rentals. And now because they were tasteless children they will defend Nintendo online for free

Imo, it was probably more of a case of them seeing what games sold more and just throwing them into the service without much consideration rather than them outright wanting to release a gimped experience. Not defending them though I just thing it was a mix of negligence and retardedness over greed or anything like that in this case.

Whats the point of you crying about it?

They'll add a special version with all mons available

That's not the issue, its that rentalmons suck.

Rental mons sucked yes, but special version will let you not use them

Source? Also what would they use if not rental pokemon? Already confirmed no transfers

Have you seen NSO special versions? They usually unlock everything and give you a cheat mode.

SPs are just rom hacks and there hasn’t been one for N64.

You are paying for the egg catching minigame Pokemon stadium is just a bonus

Are you a brainlet? You can easily beat them both with rentals.

The rentals are deliberately shit to force you to buy a copy of Game Boy and a copy of a game.

>t. hasn't even tried doing it

You can beat master ball cup with some good rng pretty easy but gym leader castle is a nightmare and saying its easy is being disingenuous at best

because Pokefans have no standards and will buy it anyway.

You retards find the Battle Frontier difficult right?

Go ahead and post a vid of you beating stadium 2 gym leader castle with minimal effort using rentals or stfu nerd. Bonus points for round 2

Post 100% round 2 with rentals only proofs for at least one of the games or fuck off

Piss easy mate. Most speedrunners are retarded too.

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No (you) 4 u. You can pretend all you want but everyone who's actually attempted or beat it or even watched werster do it knows how virtually impossible it can be with rentals. Most Only viable pokemon are NFE because of move sets and electrode is only useful as a nuke, and even then you have to wade through massive amounts of RNG to hope you get to another continue after getting fucked.

(You) are none of those people. Thanks for proving my point

Post your sub 80 IQ penises.

I will literally cum on my switch and post it here if you can provide video evidence of you beating pokemon stadium with rentals only