Unironically bought switch lite and Pokemon Shield, and don't trust 4 chan schizos, in full brightness it looks like shit, but in low screen brightness it looks fantastic. Story aspects suck, but this game is really beautiful. Gen 7 is shit in comparison, gen 8 has a shitton of details

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>g-grapfics a-and.... StOrY!!1
this is a subhuman.

That's what tipped you off, and not the fact that they bought the game at all? Or a Switch lite?

Post wild area screenshot

>Unironically bought
how do you buy something ironically

Well of course, thats already a given

>If you make the game look actively worse it looks good!
Holy fucking Cope!

I didn't hate it, it was just disappointing to me. It's a game that felt incomplete.
A lot of nonsense in the game was a very clear indicator of that, for instance the first 4 gyms were really cool and had fun puzzles, rounding up wooloos, the water pipes maze, the catching field, and the pachinko nonsense was great. I was excited as fuck for what the later gyms would have at that point.
Than last 4 were just a bunch of text with 3 trainers fights, than a gym battle. Couldn't even control character movement in them.
And a lot of the game just feels like this, where it felt like something should of been in the game at a point but just wasn't. I was dumbfounded when they were hyping up the main villains and instead of some Sylph Co dungeon like the rest of the games have Leon walks in and goes "The Adults will handle this".
It just felt like the game was missing parts that should of been in it and that's my problem with it. Given how good some of the good parts were, it just feels like missed potential and incomplete to me.

>gen 7 is (shit opinion)
Gen 7 was the best generation and we've all known it. Denying it is just coping

Stay poor

Saturation make it look better, this is good thing

So sad that they couldn't make colours darker, this really looks like million times better, Jesus

dumb buyfag

It's kinda funny in 20 years you'll have almost 50 year old VP users mad at Sword Shield kids

But you know what? Switch operating system is a total joke. It can't use Bluetooth headphones while offline ??? Or it's because the software is downloading, now had to close Pokémon shield to download other game

>Game is beautiful if turn down brightness to not see how ugly it is.
This is some high-level cope holy fuck. How one can achieve this level of autism to gaslight themselves into thinking that game is pretty if you just don't look at it?

Dude, unironically go outside.
Yes, the colour palette is not eye raping, not glaring, it actually looks great darker

>It can't use Bluetooth headphones while offline
holy fuck lmao
are you shitting me

I literally had to set brightness to 50% or 35% to play. This is how they fucked up good looking game, it looks like shit above 50%

I honestly don't know, it literally keep disconnecting me when I opened the game, had to download stuff first

Connected headphones with Bluetooth
Something is downloading in the background
Open the game
Literally disconnecting the headphones on instant

OP, I respect that you played the game yourself to form an opinion, but your conclusions are pretty surface level