Galar Pokémon

The Galar Dex is the worst dex in history and I'm happy that we are getting Pokémon that look more like the one from the Alola Dex again.

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Gen 6 has more bad pokemon than gen 8 with a smaller roster.

Gens 6 and 3 are trash

>Only 81 new mons
The fuck? Why are there so few? Didn't this game cut half the dex for new Pokémon in the first place?
>t. never played past Gen 5 (Which introduced 150 iirc)
No I'm being serious why are there so few?

It's sad that they don't do more now. Like the first open world games will only have 105 new Pokémon? We should get like 130-150 new Pokémon.

>the worst dex in history
That's not Shitnoh

check the amounts introduced in Gens 6 and 7

I'm not fan of Gen 8 but it introduced a lot of mons who's designs and typing I really enjoyed. Moreover than most regions in a good while.

You think so? Aside from a few stinkers, I think the Galar Dex was pretty decent. One of the highlights of this otherwise cynical generation

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Since Megas they've been doing it. There were like 20 odd megas in XY, then you have regional forms in Gen 7 and Regionals plus gmax forms in Gen 8. So it's functionally the same amount of designs more or less as Gen 4 (mostly less), but less dex space taken.

I'd say this was a pretty high rate for most regions for my tastes

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Polteageist and Dragapult lines are the only decent ones in Gen 8. Everything else is literal trash.

Barraskewda should have been based around a northern pike.

Alola dex was dogshit. Filled with mostly furbait and other fetish garbage. Also everything had low speed.

Going purely by their new dex,
1 > 3 > 2 > 6 >> 5 > 8 > 4 > 7

That's not the gen 4 or gen 2 dex

good taste

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Gen 9 looks like it might have the worst designs Fidough is already amongst the bottom tier designs



Okay, that makes more sense. Personally it still feels off, like Kalos, Alola, and Galar don't have enough new designs to distingush themselves with.
Like I said in my previous post, haven't played past Gen 5, but:
1 if you took out crap like Lickuting and Mr. Mime >>>>>>> 1 = 3 > 4 > 5 = What I've seen of 9 > 8 Judging by OP'S pic = 2 (and for the record I still like a good chunk of the Johtomons)
Can't rank 6 or 7 cuz I'm completely unfamiliar.

Galar dex is just all peaks and valleys. Mons like Dragopult, Appletun, and Corviknight are all time tops, but then there's Eiscue, blipbug, and Intelleon. There's no middle ground, just S+ tier and F tier.