Why didn't it become the next Charizard (popular cool starter)?

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Because it wasn't, people prefer mammalian creatures over reptiles, but when offered NOTHING but reptiles go for the coolest one. Hence Typhlosion was more popular than Fearaligatr, by default of being warm-blooded and cuddly.

not a fire type

Neither was Greninja

But he's a cool ninja and also shilled

Be realistic, this shit has nothing to do with the actual thing; retarded children choosing the fire starter just because it's fire. Even more back then.

Kind of hard to be the next CHARIZARD when you get almost no cards, almost no merch, and almost never appear in the anime. TPC/Game Freak either hates the Johto starters just don’t give a damn about them.

But the retards that choose fire by default cried cause Delphox is feminine and has a skirt. Also nowadays it's a bit different and everyone knows the evolutions before they even play the game

Charizard was cooler than all the other fire types of the time, while Feraligatr gets mogged by Gyarados.

>Not on Ash's team in the anime
>Gamer Posture

It's stupid looking and it's name is misspelled

Typhlosion is right there

Literally because it wasn't a fire type (AKA bottom of the barrel normalfag type)

It should have been Water/Dark and really played up the caveman thing

>he doesn't know

Typhlosion is better AND it got shilled with the anime spin-off. Sadly they were still retarded mongoloids and not only limited the series to a few episodes but made pretty much no merch.

Wouldn't Water/Rock make more sense? It could even get Ancient Power in Gen 2

It's fucking ugly.

Non of the Gen 2 or 5 starters final evolutions were on Ash’s or any main characters team. Which is probably why they weren’t as popular compared to the other Gens.

We're talking about Feraligatr, not your mom

because Ash's Totodile didn't evolve into Feraligatr.
children only love the pokemon that was shown evolving in the anime.
this is why TPC didn't want Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle to evolve because they don't want anything to compete with Shitzard

Pikachu is magnitudes more popular than your boogyman, spastic.
They didn't evolve your shitmon as you were the only retard who liked it.

kys, autistic lizard fucker

how so?