Do you read pokemon fanfiction?

Do you read pokemon fanfiction?
Do you write pokemon fanfiction?

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Arent fanfics pretty much dead?

Yeah reading a lot of Ingo ones on AO3 lately
Oh you sweet summer child

yes no

Are you fucking 12?

Yes and yes

I'm thinking of trying to write some pokephilia since not enough of it is very good. It's too fetishy and over the top most of the time.

post some recs
personally I'm enjoying the mommy issues borne of caution's ninetales is giving me

Please do so dear user

I've been writing some, but haven't posted any of them yet. Every now and then I try to read some, but it's almost surprising just how much trash there is in comparison to other popular media, especially when you go for the more obscure characters. It's lucky to find even one good story for some ships, and even those tend to have obvious issues. I had a quick look at Brendan/Courtney at one point and there were multiple stories with MC Brendan having Birch as a dad. How do you even mess that up?


First smut I ever wrote was Pokemon. I think I wrote some zelda crossover thing before then but it was short, SFW, and went for like two and a half chapters

>Do you write pokemon fanfiction?
I would but I am ESL

Anamnesis is really the only one that felt super worthwhile to me ngl

Any actually good non trash fanfiction? I doubt there is but I wouldn't mind if I am proven wrong

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>Do you write pokemon fanfiction?
Used to, actually decided to try again earlier today with a story of futa Hatterene raping (You)[M} in a forest.

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Ears series, Homunculus series. Ocimene series.

Mainline: Au Coup Par Coup, Can't Escape
PMD: Ears, Echo of a Demon, Anamnesis

>Do you write pokemon fanfiction?
I did once
You’re walking in the woods with your rucksack. You aren’t the most experienced with packing your ruck, so it’s always so big on you. It’s 11 in the morning, beams of sunlight piercing the rooftop of the forest in small patches, here and there. After a bit of walking, you fight through foliage to see a girl sitting on a boulder. She’s wearing a black dress, has short black hair with a cowlick in the back, in her hair is a white bow. She notices you and greets herself. “I’m Marley. What brings you out here?” You can tell she’s kind of reserved and shy. You inform her that you’re just on a walk. “Really? You must know the way out of this forest. Can I join you?” You tell her “Yes” after a moment of contemplating. It seems kind of suspicious traveling with a girl who looks like she’s still in high school, but her companionship wouldn’t be too bad, especially since you often get lonely in your strolls. Time passes by, and she seems to have warmed up to you after some casual chitchat. “If I’m gonna be honest user, I don’t like talking. I can’t figure out what to say to people fast enough, so they just look at me with disgust and confusion. But I can talk to you normally, because you seem to understand me.” As you look at Marley, she looks away, blushing with a cute smile. She has feelings for you, but she’s far too nervous to let them known. After some walking, you both decide to sit under a tree to eat. You pull out goods from your rucksack, getting a can of beefaroni for yourself and giving a PBJ sandwich to Marley. After eating, you pack the trash away in your ruck. Marley is slightly appalled by your inability to effectively pack it tight. “Make it smaller user.” She lets out a small but cute chuckle as you begin to wrap around your ruck in a fetal position, humping it in a desperate yet pathetic attempt to make it smaller.

She finds it very hot watching your hips smash against your rucksack. Looking at you with a seductive grin while proceeding to undo her dress, she says “Oh, make it smaller user.” She takes one shoe off after the other, kicking them out of the way as she jumps on top of you, her lips pressed tightly against yours as she enters your mouth with her tongue. After a minute of effeminate moaning, she exits your mouth and presses against your neck with her lips. She’s biting down and it begins to hurt, but it feels so good. You undo her bra as you begin to take off your pants. Your dick is rock hard right now. You hear her moan under her kissing as your dick brushes against her panties, which are already soaking wet at this point. Marley pulls away from your neck, saliva dripping from her mouth as she almost screams “Make it smaller user!”She takes your shirt off as you pull her panties down, brushing your dick against her clitoris, playing with it until you finally enter her. By the time her sapphire blue eyes lock with yours you realize that it’s too late. You’re about to make it smaller. Thrust after thrust, she claws at your back, digging to the point where it begins to hurt a little. She yells “Make it smaller!” as you explore deeper inside her. You bite on her right nipple and she moans like fucking crazy, her hands scratching deeper into your skin as you reach the deepest part of her womb! She squirts like a fountain, coating your dick in feminine cum. You can’t hold it anymore! You’re making it smaller, and with one last thrust, you finish the job. Marley calms down and looks at you, defeated and satisfied. She collapses on top of you, dead asleep. You’ve made it smaller, user.

Fuck yeah I do.

i posted some on Any Forums but they were kind of shitting up already pretty bad threads

yes, I read machine translated chinese self-insert power fantasies