What champion has the best team, assuming you redo their moves and items to be the best possible?

What champion has the best team, assuming you redo their moves and items to be the best possible?

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leon objectively

why does he only have 5 pikachus?

Wallace would be the best if he had a rain setter, otherwise it's Cynthia.

It's been over a decade and I still can't get over how awful Alder's party is. Like seriously, what was Gamefreak thinking giving the optional postgame final boss 5 shitmons and a Volcarona with awful moves

Alder is out of practice and kind of washed up. His battle with N was the first in years, and his partner pokemon died before the events of BW. By the time of BW2 he's retired from formal battling. That being said, his PWT team is much better, he uses Volcarona/Chandelure/Krookodile/Reuniclus/Conkeldurr/Braviary.

Redo their moves as in give them the most modern moveset they could have, or is it restricted with Blue only having Gen 1 moves, etc.? I feel like Trace is a pretty good contender honestly. Even if Rapidash is dead weight, his Slowbro is a good fat wall, Vileplume spreading sleep and Strength Sap, Mega Pidgeot with Hurricane, and Jolteon Baton Passing an Agility or two over to Marowak with a Thuck Club is scary.

I still like subtle theming behind Lance's GSC team. With how big deal of a deal was having Dragonite, him training three of them was supposed to look like a massive flex. You see that extremely rare and difficult to train Pokemon that you can obtain either by catching it in one pond in Johto, proving yourself to elder of clan of dragon masters or borderline illegal activities? This Chad got three of them, trained and read to kick ass.

As said, this can be justified by fact that Alder was RETIRED champion that was struggling with depression after death of his most trusted partner. He was shadow of himself. I would love to see him during his prime days - that may be a nice thing to show in something like next Legends game, just put it ~50 years ago.

I like the idea of him being a champion that primarily uses bug types but I have no clue what they were thinking with his other three pokemon

Cynthia for sure. None of her team feels like filler, she has a lot of coverage and there's no types she's specifically weak to (even when you take fairy into account there's nothing that hits super-effective against more than two of her pokemon).

He definitely could have used an all-bug team even without resorting to pokemon outside of Unova; having Leavanny, Durant and Galvantula as well as his current bug mons would have been an interesting team setup. Or alternatively if they wanted to make him more challenging they could throw in Scizor, Heracross and Shedinja since you don't battle him until the postgame anyway.

He does have a rain setter

This. Leon easily has the best team. Also, OPs image cut Haxorus for some reason. Either his Rillaboom or Cinderace team would be best.

2nd best after Leon goes to Cynthia easily.

Cynthia has an overall solid team. Leon, if you switch his Seismitoad with the Rillaboom he has from the anime, hits extremely hard with all of his team members if the abilities are changed accordingly. Steven's team can run Weakness Policy strat but otherwise it's pretty underwhelming. Trace actually fares pretty well type coverage wise but suffers due to the stat of his mons. Other champs have ridiculously slow or deadweight teams that would be bad even after modifications, though Diantha comes close. I'd like to see Alder in his prime too

His other 3 mons should’ve been Scolipede, Galvantula, and Durant.

Also, just a Gen 5 nitpick - Accelgor should’ve been Bug/Dark.

Alders volcarona is actually scary if you dont ohko it and it quiver dances replace hyper beam with roost and you got a Team fucker 9000. Lance with 3 multiscale dragonites with ddance roost probably has the best team

A good rain setter then.

Here's the objective ranking:

Cynthia > Iris > Blue > Lance > Leon > Steven > Diantha > Wallace > Alder > Trace

>Blue's eggexcutor and Rhydon dont have any stab moves
>Arcanine only knows ember
What's this? I thought Blue was the best champion with the strongest team?

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Even without that it's team isn't great with only Gyarados and Alakazam as great Pokémon.
Arcanine is okay, while the rest is Shit.

>Here's the objective ranking: Cynthia

Stopped reading there

It's why you should show his yellow team, his team has an actual moveset.