Worst gen yet

worst gen yet

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OP here. Posted the wrong pic. My bad.

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At least wait until an hour after release to post this sage

Ladies, please. You're both awful but I'm the worst.

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That's not Unov- ACK!

>Straight line
>Get stuck every five steps
>Same Machoke and Zubat you see spammed everywhere else in the region.
I swear, Sinnoh being "good" is just a meme.

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This. XY are the superior games and I'm tired of Any Forums pretending that they're not.

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They're both incredibly dull and boring games, but I'd XY is better because of the Pokemon variety and QoL features like Super Training.

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The trips of truth strike once again

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Holy Based Digits, it's already looking like complete shit


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Can you actually articulate your opinion or are you just showing off your mindless hate boner as if it's something impressive?

Pharmacy opens at 8


It sucked out any remaining soul

Omg 000 congrats.
But the game didn't even come out yet

Wouldn't say the worst but for fuck sake gamefreak is once again trying too hard to be different while keeping the same boring formula weakly wedged in. Either just go back to the original formula where gen 6 left off by just letting people explore the new region, battle cool new gym leaders and collect their fancy badges in order to face the elite four/Champion. Or do something completely new like PlA and give us a entirely new perspective of the pokemon world. Stop this twist bullshit like Galar 'haha pokemon battle but Sports theme'. Or these gay ass school mini game plagued crap.

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No region will ever dethrone Hoenn as the most massive pile of shit in the series. Even Sinnoh is better, even if only slightly.

The game isn't even out yet

fibby bitty

Worst gen is gen 6

Gen 2 is the worst, followed by 6
Gen 5 is the best
everything else is mid

If we're talking about worst gens, then yeah. These two games make gen 8 the worst gen of them all.